Open Thread For June 15, 2017

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Trump the Target of Obstruction of Justice Probe. They may not have been investigating him when he asked Comey. They are now.

R’s Respond To Attacks By Calling For Looser Gun Laws.  No A-Ha moment for them.

Highmark Seeks To Extort More From Delaware Consumers: I see that Karen’s proctologist is blabbing away in the comments section.  Doesn’t mention that Karen was in bed w/Highmark and helped push the merger through over the strong objections of Beau Biden. But it must be Navarro’s fault that they’re trying to rip us off. Some things never change.

Digital Security At Trump Retreats Less Secure Than Clinton’s E-Mail Server.  Gee, maybe that’s where all those leaks are coming from…

Trump Hires Cindy McCain. She joins Elaine Chao (Mitch McConnell’s  wife), Calistra Gingrich,  and Sarah Hucksterbee Sanders among the nepotistic hires. Along, of course, with pretty much every member of Trump’s family.  So much for ‘Maverick’ McCain.

Good News From Standing Rock.  Trump’s rush to grant permits violated the law.  Stand with them.

What do you want to talk about?

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  1. Paul Hayes says:

    The Republican call for looser gun laws as a response to the shooting of one of their own is, well, shocking by not suprising.
    For myself, I see how a society and the law evolves and guns place within that context. In societies with no law enforcement, I would probably be armed to the teeth, but as law enforcement and the law itself become more firmly established, (at our behest as the citizenry) these old behaviors must be set aside because they are anachronistic and hold us back from what we all say we want, public safety. I think of the situation in Houston where law enforcement was terribly hampered by the presence of all the “legal” guns that night. The irony is terrible, IMO. Again asking law enforcement to do more than is reasonable. So, the Republican congressional response is at once callous of the effect upon their “colleague” and then wrongheaded, as the solution proposed would have no impact at all on the problem yesterday in Alexandria.