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Delaware Rethugs Hold Budget Hostage For Ideological Goals.  Right to Work For Less, Medicaid Cuts, the usual. But no tax increases on the wealthy.

‘I Don’t Remember, I Can’t Recall, I’ve Got No Memory Of Anything At All’.  Sessions goes all Alzheimer’s before the Senate Intelligence Committee. It’s like Reagan on Iran-Contra.

Trump Business Selling Real Estate To Shell Corporations Masking Foreign Ownership. It’s a new trend that coincides with his run for President.  Most. Corrupt. Elected. Official. Ever.

200 Congressional D’s To Sue Trump Over Emoluments Clause Violations.  Let’s see if Delaware’s DINO’s join the suit.

Carper & McCaskill Challenge Secretive Trump Administration Communications Encryptions. Sure looks like Trump is trying to circumvent Public Records requirements.

Newark City Council Opposes Coastal Zone Act Changes.  Calls for statewide public hearings.

What do you want to talk about?

BTW, Post-Game/Pre-Game will go up later than usual today. I’m taping a segment for First at WHYY this morning. Segment will air on Friday at 5:30 pm.

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  1. jason330 says:

    It sure sucks to see Townsend carrying water for Fat Cats who want to make environmental protections out to be the enemy of a robust economy:

    The measure’s two lead sponsors in the state House and Senate also hail from the greater Newark area: Osienski and fellow Democrat, state Sen. Bryan Townsend.

    “Newark is one of the heartbeats of Delaware’s environmental community. And I’m glad for that,” Townsend said Tuesday via text message.

    “But Newark also used to be one of the heartbeats of Delaware’s blue collar economy, and it’s sad to see some of the most vocal advocates forget that history and, even sometimes, seemingly disdain those families,” he added.

    I had thought that he was made of sturdier stuff.

  2. Paul Hayes says:

    Frontline featured the story of the Texas man who was executed for killing his 3 children last night. It turns out that a fire forensics expert tried to exonerate him by scientifically demonstrating how he was innocent. The fire was not set, the evidence was misread by local firefighters who took burn marks on the floor from a flashover that occurred for pour marks showing deployment of an accelerant. The man was put to death anyway, as people’s emotions ran high over the loss of the children in the case. My point is that Delaware is blessed to NOT have a death penalty and the Speaker of the House has the political power to keep it from being reinstated. After seeing the horror of justice gone wrong, I hope the Speaker comes to his senses and kills this barbaric and anti-scientific legislation.

  3. But, but…Corporal Ballard…

  4. jason330 says:

    I haven’t heard of any political aims the killer was attempting to pursue. Maybe a little early to declare this an instance of civil war.

  5. alby says:

    He asked if they were elected officials, and if they were Democrats or Republicans.

  6. alby says:

    Furthermore, if you think the alt-right isn’t going to use this as an excuse to unleash violence, I’ve got a magic bullet-deflecting force shield you can buy cheap.

  7. jason330 says:

    Well that’s depressing.

  8. Looks like that report may be erroneous. From TPM:

    “Earlier reports that the gunman asked the partisan identification of the people practicing before opening fire appears to have been in error, a good faith confusion of another person with the shooter. I’m not sure we can definitively rule that report out. But it now appears that report is at best unconfirmed and likely erroneous.”

  9. Ben says:

    It doesnt matter that he never asked. It has already been reported, which means it happened in Drump-world. Hannity will say so, Jones will say so, and other media “will never really know”. At least he’s a white guy… we can avoid internment camps for another week.

  10. puck says:

    “Who runs the delaware government? Incapable Democrats and loser liberals.”

    You’re half right.

  11. alby says:

    @puck: Is that in response to a since-deleted comment?

  12. Ben says:

    Yeah, some ding-bat bootlicker made a comment about how Delaware is run by “incapable dems and loser liberals”. It was bigly relevant to the discussion.

  13. Just so you know, ad hominem crap like ‘Libs are stoopid’ will be removed as quickly as we can remove them. Stuff like that brings nothing to the blog. So, feel free to stop feeding the trolls, they’ll be gone soon enough.

  14. alby says:

    The now-dead shooter has been identified, and his Facebook page pegs him as a Bernie supporter. Make of that what you will.

  15. Ben says:

    Rep Duncan is sticking with his story that the shooter asked the party affiliation of the players. Speaking out against GOP policies is now supporting terrorism. The piece that Bannon has needed for a crackdown has fallen in to place.

  16. Yep. Provides a perfect rationale for law enforcement to return to the ‘infiltrate and agitate’ game plan of the late 60’s.

  17. alby says:

    I don’t think they ever abandoned that game plan. It was certainly in force during Occupy.

    Josh Marshall points out that this doesn’t happen in other countries:

  18. Paul Hayes says:

    Can anyone tell me what the “revisions” to the Coastal Zone Act are supposed to do?

  19. As of now, Carper and Coons have signed on as plaintiffs in a challenge to Trump’s ongoing business conflicts-of-interest. LBR has not:

  20. Gymrat says:

    Tonight: Highmark seeks 33% increase
    Tomorrow: Press release from Crane protege AKA IC, “It’s KWS fault!”
    And the lemmings will agree;)

  21. I agree that it’s Navarro’s and Crane’s fault that Highmark ascended to this position of hegemony despite KWS’ valiant efforts to stifle the merger.

    Oh, wait…

  22. Gymrat says:

    Way to bite:) It is neither’s fault. The deliberate strategy of Trump and the Congress to undermine the law by just threatening to withhold subsides created the increase request at that inflated level. however Frick and Frack over at the iC’s shop are not doing a single thing substantially different than KWS with the exception of not being her,