Open Thread For June 12, 2017

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Maryland, DC AG’s To Sue Trump For Violation of Emoluments Clause.  About bleeping time. Everything he does is to benefit his businesses.

Trump Give Priebus Until July 4 To Clean Up White House.  Absent a new President, that ain’t happenin’.

How Police Are Helping Battle the Opioid Crisis.  Delaware is taking steps in the right direction as well.

Rehoboth Faces Challenge on Spending. Legit issue or just a neighborly feud?

Sen. Poore and Rep. Longhurst Not Talking To Each Other?  Dueling bills doing the exact same thing.  Former drinkin’ buddies.  Carney, of course, takes no stand.

Firefly Week.  Anyone going?

What do you want to talk about?

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  1. mouse says:

    Anyone biked the C &D Canal trail? Any advice on it?

  2. meatball says:

    @ mouse
    Good for logging miles, but kinda monotonous. only did it once, that was enough.

  3. mouse says:

    Thanks! Do you know how far the loop runs?

  4. mouse says:

    Actually, is there a loop on both sides of the canal or just one side?

  5. meatball says:

    I went end to end since I have peeps in Chesapeake city and Delaware City, but I think it was not quite 20 miles one way. Pretty much a straight shot along the canal except for a couple of spots, all paved, narrow, couple of benches, lots of container ships. Like I said, I felt it was all business and the scenery was exactly the same from end to end.

  6. Aurochs says:

    Interesting article on finally solving the gerrymander problem cropped up in Nature News last week: