Open Thread For June 11, 2017

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Erik Raser-Schramm To Head State D’s: Nobody has Erik’s campaign chops, especially when it comes to grassroots mobilization. While the article focused on his work w/Stephanie Hansen, I still view his success in leading the House D’s out of the basement and into the majority as his singular achievement.  Nobody asked me, but if I were Erik, I’d be looking to crank up the moribund D structure in Kent and Sussex Counties.  We’ve got great new energetic leadership in the City and in NCC.  Time to expand that search downstate.

How the Bleep Does Something Like This Happen?  Family members barred from William Penn graduation ceremony.

Deutsche Bank Stonewalling On Trump Loans:  Lent Trump huge sums even after he defaulted on earlier loans.  And then there are the Russian/Deutsche connections…

Why Are Middle Class Russians Protesting?   Because they’re being ‘relocated’ from their Moscow homes.

Doesn’t Look Like May Will Survive As British PM: ‘No-confidence’ vote could come as early as Monday.

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. jason330 says:

    In addition to picking Erik Raser-Schramm, the Dems passed a very good platform that takes a decent step toward having a coherent brand. I’ll be posting on what that might look like.

    Of course, Carney and the Acting Governor will be working hard to undo all of the good brand building work ERS and other Democratic Dems might undertake, but it is all about chipping away.

  2. Gymrat says:

    As long as Mitch Crane infects the body politic in Sussex it will remain a cesspool. Or more in local terms a spray irrigation deceiving field:).He operates now through a surrogate.

  3. chris says:

    Hard to get real excited when the Dem Governor is lockstep with the State Chamber boys, the Dem Speaker represents one of the wealthiest districts in DE and isn’t prone to tax fairness, and the “lifer”senior Dem US Senator is going to hang on for yet another six year term. Don’t expect progressive legislation getting done in Dover or Washington DC any time soon!