Open Thread For June 10, 2017

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Middletown’s Delaware Sports Complex Mired in Bankruptcy Proceedings:  They got the land for $1 a year from Middletown. Still couldn’t make a go of it.

The State of Transgender Students in Delaware.  It varies, but could use more guidance from the state.  Especially in Sussex County, where the majority of the state’s assholes reside.

Not Even Tillerson Can Shut Trump Up. Trump doubles down on Qatar, damaging diplomatic efforts. Trump didn’t even know that there are two US military command posts there.

Trump’s Mouthpiece Kasowitz Has Russian Ties As Well.  Russian oligarchs, Russian banks, who’dathhunkit? Oh, and Paul Manafort is deeply woven into all of this. RussiaRussiaRussia.  Too weird.

Biden Urges Romney To Run For Senate, Tweaks Clinton Again.  And you thought he’d shut up? Well, no, you didn’t. It’s not what he does.

The Fool’s Gold Of Trump’s Infrastructure Program.  Only oligarchs need apply, get rich, and then leave the bankruptcies to government. Sound familiar?

Even Chuck Grassley Blisters DOJ For Refusing to Provide Info to Elected D Senators. Points out that it violates the law. As if Trump or Sessions care.

What do you want to talk about?

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  1. alby says:

    Re: Russia, which actually is involved in more than one Trump story, and the most worrisome would be worrisome no matter who had won the election:

    Re: Middletown. Governments never learn. If the business plan is viable it will find private investors.

  2. puck says:

    Joe Biden, demonstrating how NOT to resist:

    Park City, Utah (CNN)Former Vice President Joe Biden is encouraging onetime rival Mitt Romney to return to public life and run for Senate.

    Biden spoke at Romney’s ideas summit, an annual gathering of donors and business leaders in Utah.
    During a private event Friday night in Park City, Biden called Romney a man of integrity and said he should mount a challenge next year, according to two people in the room.
    “By the way, you should run for Senate,” one attendee quoted Biden as saying. The comment was quick and off-hand, but the crowd of Romney loyalists appreciated it and applauded.