Open Thread for May 15, 2017

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Russian Law Firm of the Year:  Yes, it’s the ‘highly-prestigious’ law firm that wrote the letter about Donald Trump’s Russia ties.  BTW, this isn’t fake news, this is the law firm bragging about it.

US Settles Russian Money-Laundering Case Right Before It Comes to Trial.  Yes, this was the case that Preet Bharara was working on when Trump fired him.  Russian shit’s real, man.

Speaking of Bharara:  Calls for a Special Counsel.

Pretty Much Everybody Opposes Harsher Drug Sentencing–Except Jeff Sessions:  Even the bleeping Koch Brothers oppose what Sessions is doing.

As Carney Dithers, Pink Slips Flood Delaware Schools.  I would urge him to get his priorities straight if he had any priorities that don’t involve the Chamber of Commerce.  On track to be Delaware’s worst governor ever.

The Woman Who Had a Six-Year Affair With Newt Gingrich Named US Ambassador to the Vatican.  I can’t make this stuff up.  Callista Bisek had a six-year affair with Gingrich before Gingrich told his cancer-stricken wife that he was dumping her for Callista.  Since he wanted to convert to Catholicism to join ‘devout Catholic’ Callista, he sought an annulment b/c his cancer-stricken wife had been married before.  Who better than Callista Gingrich to represent the US at the Vatican?

MSNBC Dumping Laurence O’Donnell?  That would suck.  Wonder what Fox cast-off they’ll stick in there.  BTW, Greta Van Susteren is horrible.





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  1. Blackflyer says:

    Does it really matter if MSNBC dumps Lawrence O’Donnell? I favor him, but, really, these “shows” are all talk by people who don’t know. The level of discourse on the 24/7 news outlets has made a mockery of real journalism. And journalists cannot keep up with the need for news that these all day all the time networks seem to require. Why can’t they just repeat the news every hour, and forget the endless pontificating by hired shills. It’s not news. Slow poisonous drip into our consciousness. Well, OK, not so slow…

  2. Blackflyer says:

    Really, Governor? You’re taking your instructions from the Chamber of Commerce? Who are saying cut the teaching staff, schools are overstaffed? Every job lost will shrink Delaware’s economy far more than creating new tax brackets and rates for the rich. Time for big boy pants in Dover.

  3. Jason330 says:

    Carney really is objectively horrible. It is almost as if he had no idea he was going to be Governor for the past ten years. What the fuck, Dude?

  4. SussexAnon says:

    The failed referendum (and subsequent layoffs) are not Carney’s fault.

    Unless you want him to end referendums and just lobby Dover for more money like Tech schools do.

  5. Aurochs says:

    “No one’s denying that budget cuts are necessary.”

    Well, nobody YOU interviewed, Ms. Bies. But I’ll deny it right here: Budget cuts are not necessary.

    SussexAnon: The only failed referendum mentioned in the article is the Colonial SD referendum.

    Appo, Red Clay, and Christina are laying people off (Red Clay thankfully choosing to do so in the central office rather than the schools). Indian River is looking at laying off paraprofessionals, who are critical to educating special needs students. Captial and Brandywine are eliminating positions through attrition. None of these districts have had a referendum lately, at least not that I’m aware of.

  6. SussexAnon says:

    Indian River was looking at layoffs until the teachers union lowered their demands for a pay increase. That’s what I heard, anyway. They had a failed referendum this past fall and one that passed this spring I think.

    This isn’t really Carneys fault so much has the last two governors that always leave a big mess on their way out the door by spending years on creative accounting methods. Let’s see what his budget looks like.

  7. Aurochs says:

    We HAVE seen what his budget looks like. It’s been a subject of discussion here for the past several weeks. Mainly because it’s absolutely terrible. This is part of that discussion, because these layoffs are a direct response to Carney’s budget proposal and the uncertainty school districts have about their financial position.

    The article says quite clearly,

    “Indian River is reviewing how many paraprofessionals it has on staff. Layoff notices for those positions do not need to go out before Monday, so the decision has been put off until May 22.”

    Sounds like they’re mulling layoffs right now to me.

  8. Arthur says:

    What is the totally salary for all superintendents, asst superintendents, directors of instruction, assistants to each of those? The big boy pants are to get rid of 19 districts and all the upper management and then cut the DOE to 1/4 it’s size

  9. RE Vanella says:

    I love this discussions because they’re proof positive that very few people have any idea what’s happening.

    The idea that somehow government inefficiency and”waste” is the real problem is so funny. We incent a very small number of people to accumulate vast piles of capital and people argue about the aggregate pay packages of a few dozen school administrators.

    Some of you are lost in the woods. It humors me to watch you wander around confused bumping into things.

  10. mouse says:

    Nearly every little town of 3000 people in Sussex County is a school district with a set of well paid well connected people

  11. RE Vanella says:

    Peanuts, relatively. You have no idea.

  12. mouse says:

    It’s just something to point out that seems unbalanced. Kind of like conservatives thinking that some Hispanic woman collecting Wic is busting the budget

  13. RE Vanella says:

    I hear you. I’m not arguing that it isn’t a thing. I’m arguing that the biggest thing it is is a distraction from where all the real money is going.

  14. mouse says:

    I’ve not looked at the budget. I suspect there are lots of crony contractors getting millions ?

  15. SussexAnon says:

    When I said budget I meant the one he signs. A governor’s budget proposal is a wish list.

    It is magical thinking to believe that if we just consolidated all the districts into one that the numbers would balance. You will still need administrators despite believing otherwise.

  16. Aurochs says:

    Even saying what you WANT to happen has consequences when you hold power. As we’re seeing now.