Open Thread For May 14, 2017

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Why Trump Must Be Impeached.  Not just for Obstruction of Justice,  but for his brazen disregard for the Emoluments Clause since Day 1.

As Aetna Exits, Time For Single Payer in Delaware.  This is precisely what Trump is trying to do in destabilizing the marketplace. It’s working.

Should Lawmakers Keep Their $275,000 Road Slush Funds?  Sean Matthews says no, John Kowalko says yes. What do you think?

Fox News Was Even Scummier Than You Thought.  Smearing perceived enemies and  using, dare I say it, Russian-style disinformation techniques.

Steve Smyk Is A Bad Person.  Claimed that cop killer chanted from the Koran. Now calls his claim ‘premature and speculative’.  As Nancy Willing points out here, right-wing media has run with it, there’s no going back. Smyk is an asshole.



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  1. Jason330 says:

    It is important to keep in mind that when Republicans declare the ACA a failure, it is failing in all the ways they have contrived, and worked diligently, to destroy it.

    I sometimes think Puck may be right and that Trump is a beneficial pest. That our whole health insurance system needs to all fall apart in order to be replaced with single payer.

  2. bamboozer says:

    Total agreement, when America’s “healthcare system” falls of it’s own weight is when single payer becomes the only option. Incredibly corrupt politicians or not.

  3. Blackflyer says:

    Bamboozer, I agree with you except for the nightmare option, no coverage at all for anyone under $250,000/per annum. Who will do the replacing? More idiots elected in 2018? This country can’t seem to vote for it’s own interests anymore (thank you Madison Avenue) With this crew in the congress, as well as their brethren in statehouses, no payer is quite possible, and indeed, if you look at the trajectory of their brazenness, inevitable.

  4. Blackflyer says:

    Steve Smyk. Sad at the bottom of it. In between- a paid apparatchik for the wing nut right wing. WGMD loves this guy. Have you seen his picture he put out for public relations? His smile is actually a grimace. Where is his soul? He has gleefully separated himself from what makes a person human. He can’t tell the truth. It’s not in his moral universe to do so. Appealing to the worst that is all in us, waiting to be acknowledged. He’s got a microphone and is actively acknowledging the batshit crazy in the 20th. If you thought the 20th was fertile ground before, an ally for the 14th, think again. Sad.

  5. Jim C says:

    Smyk is just another example of why we don’t need former law enforcement in our government. Typical, in this case at least, shoot (from the mouth) first then think later

  6. Blackflyer says:

    Jim C. I get what you’re saying, but frankly I wasn’t ready to categorize ALL law enforcement at that low standard. It must require courage in that culture to speak out against stupidity and worse. Big balls, in fact. I don’t know that many people in law enforcement, but I would like to think that they are populated by smart, courageous people. And I would like those people to speak out to change the culture…

  7. Alby says:

    “I don’t know that many people in law enforcement, but I would like to think that they are populated by smart, courageous people.”

    Your wish makes the first part of your sentence oxymoronic. If you knew many people in law enforcement, you’d know that it’s the field with the highest level of groupthink in existence.