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…from the desk of R.E. Vanella.


“Tim, when they good low, we go high…


…yeah, aim for the face.”  — Tim Faust, Chapo Trap House

I noticed a lot less traffic here in the last month to six weeks.  My wife and I did some traveling and when we returned I caught a scorching chest cold.  The Missus diagnosed bronchitis.  She was almost certainly right.  Now I’m snapping back and wanted to drop a note.

I’m glad the comment sections here and at a few other related local internet places have been relatively quiet.  Glad maybe isn’t strong enough.  Orgasmic is overstating it, but only just.  I hope we’ve by now found a politically valuable niche to occupy our free time.  I know there are at least two women’s organizing groups going locally.  Network Delaware has several pillars doing real work right now and representatives in all three counties.  I’m not as personally familiar with Delaware United.  Their good reputation precedes them for not only but including the work they did in Middletown for Hansen.

Citizens are coalescing and there’s work to do.  I trust you’re doing what I will continue to do.  Spend time resisting and focus on stamina.  Bowling 90 overs on a slow flat track in the hot weather is a brutal toil.  Ike didn’t reach Berlin in a day, or even a hundred days.  I suspect a long slog.

I’m sure we know what positions Carper and Coons hold on ACHA.  So what?  The need is not for them to respectfully disagree.  They need to go very hard ever day.  Speak in public in strong terms.  Defend the filibuster.  Humiliate apparatchiks in the media, at the public committee hearings, including colleagues, and always by name.  Neutral talk doesn’t help us now.[1]

Call bullshit to people’s faces in an awkwardly commanding manner.  Be not afraid and do not give one fucking inch to nonsense.

Pressing queries…

How long is the honeymoon for Mayor Mike and Chief Comp-Stat?

Are we really going to pass on grass and re-up on state sanctioned execution?

Are we going to have to mobilize for abortion rights again?

How much more money can you personally donate to the ACLU?

What fucking year is this again?

How long till people realize that the ratio of “wasted” government money to the aggregate value of wage packets, bonuses and breaks to the richest citizens is disgusting?  Like revolutionary level disgusting.

Audere est facere….   —REV


[1] This one is especially for you Tommy because now that you’ve deemed to continue your career I think I’m going to organize a trip to one of these fucking roundtables.  Let’s chat.

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