Carper Announces – He is in for another 6 Years

Filed in National by on May 8, 2017

This is sad. Carper will not be beaten in a primary, and unless he pulls a Bill Roth and passes out while door knocking, he will be inflicting his third-way, corporatist bullshit on us while helping out Trump and the Republicans with bi-partsan cover for another 6 years, according to a “Join the 2017 Carper Roundtable” campaign fundraising mailer he sent out.

The the third paragraph he announces that he is running.




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  1. mediawatch says:

    Preemptiive strike. He takes down Jason’s campaign before it had a chance to launch.

  2. jason330 says:

    lol. Tricky devil.

  3. Blackflyer says:

    I get it.There is the insurance industry, millions of dollars in coffers. They offer it first to Tom, but if he rejects it, plan B works for them, which is to fund Tom’s opponent in the next election. So Tom is “captured” by people who, while not necessarily bad, are certainly challenged by the daunting task of understanding their civic as well as their fiduciary responsibilities. I loathe neoliberal Democrats. Loathe. But, in fairness I need to recognize that Tom might have been a much better senator had he not had to wiggle in the money generating dance. So I will hold my nose and work instead to get money out of our elections. From dogcatcher to president.

  4. I think the reason why Carper announced this far in advance is b/c he hopes to forestall a challenge from the left. Which also means he’s concerned about one.

    Which is why I hope he’ll get a challenge from the left. He’s vulnerable on so many fronts. We simply can’t let him coast to another virtually uncontested win.

    Paging Eugene Young…

  5. Bane says:

    Paging Bryan Townsend…

  6. mediawatch says:

    Senator, Is there a difference between the “Carper Roundtable” and the “Business Roundtable”?

  7. Bane says:

    Yes.. Major difference!

    One blows Carper the other one Carper blows.

  8. bamboozer says:

    Agreed , announcement or not primary Carper, if nothing else it will show Coons it can happen and that it can happen to him too.

  9. chris says:

    Oh no….a chance for some fresh blood and these ‘professional politicians’ never leave.