April 21, 2017 Open Thread

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Another Shuttered Golf Course, More NIMBY.  I’ve been around so long that I know both sides’ arguments by heart.

Wilmington Riverfront Part Deux?:  I’m pretty encouraged by this–as long as it doesn’t lead to further gentrification, which it could well do.

Trump Stumps for Le Pen: I worry that he could be right.

So Does Vladimir Putin:  More great investigative reporting from Pro Publica. You really should donate.

What Dow Wants for Its $1 Mill donation to Trump’s Inaugural:  If you guessed a free pass to use a chemical proven to kill endangered species, you’d be correct. Gee, wonder if they’ll get it…

Trump Ultimatum: Pay For the Wall Or I’ll Screw the Poor Even More.  And/or the government gets shut down.



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  1. mouse says:

    We’re all just another brick in the wall

  2. bamboozer says:

    If your going to risk yet another government shut down there is perhaps no better way to guarantee failure than to use Trump’s famed “Beautiful wall” as your primary leverage in negotiations. Support is weak at best, especially as for some reason the Mexicans will not pay for it, and the impact of cutting off funds to Obamacare would be felt quickly, and that includes Trump voters. At best it teeters between farce, grand illusion and WTF.

  3. fightingbluehen says:

    Saw a light blue early to mid 90’s Oldsmobile Cutless with an old man with those big dark sun glasses driving it…….license plate number 420.

    I wonder if he knows?

  4. fightingbluehen says:

    License plate is probably worth a hundred times the value of that old Cutlass Ciera.