April 20, 2017 Open Thread

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Bill-o Gone-o: An In-Depth Analysis from the Atlantic.  BTW, kids, and think this through.  Isn’t replacing Sean Spicer with Bill O’Reilly the ultimate Trumpian move? I think it’s gonna happen. Whaddayathink?

Carney’s Marijuana Forum.  Reading between the lines, I think Carney is doing this just for show.  Prove me wrong, John.

Exxon Seeks Waiver for Russian Oil Deal From—ex-Exxon CEO and current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: ‘Nobody could have predicted this would happen.’ Except everybody.

Over 21,000 Mass. Drug Convictions Tossed Out Due to Tainted Evidence.   Kids, remember that, in Delaware, when it comes to evidence, the fox is guarding the henhouse.  Both the police and the Medical Examiner work together, not independently.  Under the ‘watchful’ eye of police groupie and ex-State Rep. Becky Walker. What could possibly go wrong? A major scandal waiting to happen.

Chaffetz: ‘Why Sleep on a Cot When I Could Make Zillions Lobbying for the Dark Side?’  OK, I made up the quote, but it fits. Like Darth Vader, he’ll be back.  After he ‘fattens up the ol’ coffers.’


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  1. mouse says:

    It’s 420 day!

  2. chris says:

    I think Carney will string this out a little and probably cave and will sign a bill in 2018.
    He won’t push back against the supporters. He’s still listening and learning. He won’t veto a bill that passes, not his style.

  3. He won’t have to veto it. Speaker Pete will make sure it gets buried, likely in a committee filled with ex-cops.

    It’ll be like Markell and minimum wage all over again. Gov. gets Pete to assign bill to a hostile committee.

  4. mouse says:

    Biked the loop between Rehoboth and Lewes last night. Beaches, driftwood, Beach Plums in bloom, sushi, coffee.. Love that trail!

  5. bamboozer says:

    420 Day? Thanks Mouse, didn’t know that, will respond accordingly. Heard rumors Chaffetz is considering running for governor, much more likely he’s going for the money green gusto of lobbying. Too bad, the little piggy had serious scandal potential.

  6. RE Vanella says:

    420 is the same as any other day, so says Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and me. (And about three dozen other people I know.)

  7. Blackflyer says:

    If you have been arrested for simple possession of cannabis, you have gone through a humiliating experience. If incarcerated, you and your family go through an emotional roller coaster, you endure physical threat, (the kind you would never permit in your home) all so that the status quo on cannabis legalization can be maintained. The moral thing to do is put a stop to this suffering. Will we follow a moral arc in the legislature?

  8. RE Vanella says:

    Moral. Rational. Appropriate. Fair. Just. Sensible. Obvious. Overdue.

    Let’s be very frank. From Carney on down we aren’t exactly dealing with the cream of the intellectual crop in Dover. The vast majority are empty-headed cyphers for party/special interest dictates (and on a level so small to be borderline embarrassing).

    I expect confusion, chaos and incoherence on this issue. I think on the banks of the St Jones River it’s colloquially known as “the usual.”

  9. Blackflyer says:

    Can Democratic Neo-liberals pronounce the word, “Pri-mar-y?” I can.

  10. Ben says:

    Not in Delaware. They dont need to. No one ever bothers to primary anyone.

  11. I am rarely one to pat myself on the back (he lied), but it looks like Jason Chaffetz may resign from congress tom’w. Reportedly to take a lucrative lobbying job:


  12. Leaf Erikson says:

    How is this not the “4/20 Open Thread?”

    Blackflyer is right.

    Future generations will be embarrassed by our treatment of pot smokers.

  13. Dana Garrett says:

    I taught cops at Wilmington College. They supported decriminalization of marijuana. It was the business majors who wanted it criminalized. So if Pete sends it to a cop committee, it might get through the committee. Of course, the official line that cops have to take might be different.

  14. Leaf Erikson says:

    The pot bill is in the Revenue and Finance Committee, Keeley is the Chair and several committee members are sponsors. It will get out of committee easily. The problem is the House floor.