April 12, 2017 Open Thread

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Traffic nightmare in Delaware could begin this weekend (link)

Wilmington school death: Unforeseeable or planned attack? (link)

New Castle County Council members clash with County Council President (link)

Concord HS wins national engineering competition second year in a row (link)

Osprey cam (link)

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  1. BREAKING: Ben Carson stuck in an elevator at a public housing complex:


    Ben, memorize these words: “Can you help a brother out?”

  2. Arthur says:

    Why no one can trust DELDOT, reason #85474

    “It is a large event for the complex, but we will not have to contend with beach traffic,” said DelDOT’s Michael Rivera.

    Uh, its the first weekend of spring break and the weather is going to be warm and partly sunny. yes, there will be beach traffic