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The first Pedal through the Parks will be happening this Saturday, April 8, 9:30-2 pm. $5 per person, $15 per family of four. We will be riding from the Blue Ball Barn, Alapocas Run State Park to the Cauffiel House, Bellevue State Park. Participants must bring their own bike, helmet and lunch. Pre register at 302-577-7020.

Brewing battle over Brandywine Hundred (link)

Dogfish Head fights to protect its brand (link)

‘This heartless monster’: Police reveal Pike Creek girl, 4, was abducted and raped (link)

University of Delaware students chant “Biden is back!” and welcome Joe Biden back to campus (link)

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  1. puck says:

    Chris Coons is seriously fucked up in the head.. As a Democrat and a Delawarean, I am embarrassed by Coons:

    Coons circulated a proposal for senators on both sides to acknowledge abusing the chamber’s rules, the report said. Republicans would apologize for not granting hearings or a vote to Merrick Garland, President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee last year, while Democrats would apologize for changing Senate rules in 2013 to kill the filibuster on most presidential nominees.

    As Pat Leahy pointed out, the Senate Coons thinks he is protecting is already dead. Republicans killed it a long time ago. It’s time to stop focusing on the Senate club and turn your attention to the 99%.

    Better yet, just leave.

  2. SussexWatcher says:

    In the “Holy shit, I just learned something from Dave Anderson” Department:

    Republican attorney Ron Poliquin – former GOP State Treasurer nominee and state House hopeful – is trying to get back into politics by running for a nonpartisan seat on the Dover City Council: http://www.delawarepolitics.net/poliquin-files-for-dover-city-council/

    This is the same Ron Poliquin who is a former wrestler (which we know thanks to El Som); who was suspended from practicing law for six months in 2012 after becoming addicted to prescription drugs and screwing up some of his cases; was reinstated just last year and is still on lawyer probation; and for whom Rep. Sean Lynn testified as a character witness.

    Details of suspension and reinstatement at http://courts.delaware.gov/Opinions/Download.aspx?id=176790 and http://www.courts.delaware.gov/Opinions/Download.aspx?id=239000. Wrestling information and photo are at http://www.delawareliberal.net/2009/09/17/neck-breaking-news-rasslin-invades-the-political-arena/

  3. He’s taking the Sam Guy route to political success. Didn’t take Sam three months to be censured by the Wilmington City Council. What’s the over/under on Poliquin?

  4. fightingbluehen says:

    Dogfish Head with it’s “off centered” approach to craft beer has pretty much run it’s course with this type of product.
    Long time craft beer drinkers seem to be trending away from malt forward beers and more towards west coast style hop forward IPA’s, Dogfish Head just doesn’t offer any beers that go with this trend.

    Also, due to the high prices of craft beer, blue collar workers in general in Delaware, actually have distain for Dogfish Head and other craft beer companies.

    If Sam Calagione wants to become more of an icon than he already is, he should create an affordable beer for the working people of Delaware, and I’m not even talking about a traditional craft beer. I’m talking about a beer that people would chose over lower cost beers like PBR , Bush, or even Yuengling.

    The beer would be Dogfish Head’s version of the typical macro beer, complete with cheaper adjunct grains including Delaware grown corn.

    They could just call it Dogfish Head Beer, and put it into a simple generic looking can with the Dogfish Head logo…..He would become an instant hero.

  5. fightingbluehen says:

    While I’m at it….If anyone has the gumption and the funds to jump on a guaranteed money maker in Delaware, I’m going to offer free advice…lol

    …..Open up a fast food Poke shop franchise ,and or become a rep for a fat tire bike company.

    …You’re welcome.