Happy James Comey Day!

Filed in National by on March 20, 2017

FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to appear before a House committee about probes into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign during the election and the Republican President’s claim that Trump Tower was bugged by President Obama.

Will Comey tell the plain truth and say Trump lied? No.
Will Comey tell the plain truth about Russian collusion? No.

I’m calling it. Comey is a chicken. He says nothing today of any real substance or newsworthyness. James Comey

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  1. Ben says:

    Oh, you’re giving him a lot of credit.
    I think the chicken-shit Russian spy mentions that it is “unclear” if Hillary’s email server had anything to do with an alleged bugging of Dump tower, thus giving his Master a media bounce.

  2. Jason330 says:

    That’s diabolical, and so probably true.

  3. bamboozer says:

    Comey will give away nothing or nearly so, believe Trump has already labeled the event “fake news”. But then again he calls everything he doesn’t lie fake news.

  4. Aurochs says:

    From The Guardian’s livestream of the hearing:

    Jim Himes, Democrat of Connecticut, is up.

    Himes wonders whether “Russian hacking” refers to the fact that the intelligence community believes that Russians penetrated DNC and Podesta, stole info and disseminated it.

    Is that a fair characterization?

    Yes sir, says Rogers.

    But Rogers did not analyze whether that activity affected the election outcome.

    Of course you didn’t, Himes said. Next question: Was there any equivalent stolen information from the RNC or Trump?

    Comey answers flatly, No. Not, “not that we know of.” Comey says there was no equivalent theft on the Trump side.

    Comey DID flatly say that he has no evidence to support Trump’s wiretapping accusation. That’s as close to a “he lied” as you’ll ever get in one of these hearings.

    Comey also stated that his bureau has been investigating any links between Russian intelligence and the Trump campaign since early July. Nothing so far on why Clinton’s emails are what got all the public statements though.

  5. Aurochs says:

    Also, absolutely love how all the Republicans are talking about leaks as a threat to national security after Comey basically said, “we think Trump’s campaign may have colluded with Russian spies.”

  6. mouse says:

    I have a feeling this is going to be a bad day for cognitive dissonance sufferers

  7. Puzzler says:

    I hear the skepticism about Comey. But it’s possible that he’s earnest and that no smoking gun has been found yet.

    Adam Shiff’s summary of the Trump-Russia time line was inspired. He detailed the circumstantial evidence, which would be very evocative to any person with critical thinking skills. A fraction of what we know about the Trump-Russia connection would have had any national figure crucified by republicans at any time in my life.