First Day of Spring Open Thread

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After bomb threats, rally supports Siegel Jewish center (link)

Drones are helping police, but not everyone is happy (link)

Families of inmates at Vaughn expected at prison reform town hall tonight (link)

Survey: Delaware is 2nd least dependent state on gun industry (link)

Trump’s budget proposal worries Delaware researchers (link)

Emergency physicians worry about GOP health plan (link)

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  1. bamboozer says:

    The police and drones, “will not be used for random surveillance”. Quick show of hands who believes that, scandal clock starts ticking more likely. As for the Republicans and Trumpcare pretty sure I’m screwed, but I’ll have plenty of company.

  2. Jim C says:

    Don’t forget to call Sen Coons on first day of Supreme Court Nomination proceedings in the Senate Judiciary
    I called and made five points:
    1. This guy should not have been able to be a nominee based on the denial of hearings for Obama’s nominee and, the threat by Republicans that if Hillary had been elected, they would have denied her a nominee as well.
    2. Gorsuch has come under fire for always siding with corporations over the little guy and recently has faced allegations that he discussed with female law students how he felt that women law firm employees had “gamed” the maternity leave rules.
    3. He shouldn’t get Coons’s vote to make it out of committee.
    4. He shouldn’t get Coons’s vote for cloture to end a potential filibuster.
    5. He should not get Coon’s vote for confirmation.