1 Trillion Bucks for Infrastructure Missing from Trump Budget

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The Republican President said that the country would benefit from a $1 trillion investment in infrastructure. Anyone with a passing knowledge of the Republican President’s frequent lies said, “Sure we will.” That skepticism was well founded.

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump is proposing to cut or eliminate several key federal infrastructure programs despite repeated vows to increase spending on roads, utilities and other vital facilities.

Trump’s budget director said the White House will uphold Trump’s pledge for $1 trillion in new infrastructure spending through an unspecified “infrastructure package” to be released later.
But the cuts described in a budget outline Thursday drew rebukes from some lawmakers and infrastructure advocates, who accused Trump of hypocrisy.

“For someone who says he wants to invest in infrastructure, I don’t see any evidence of it in this budget,” said Beth Osborne, a senior policy adviser at Transportation for America, a nonpartisan group that urges investment in transportation.

Budget director Mick Mulvaney acknowledged that the preliminary budget might appear to contradict Trump’s statements as a candidate and as president vowing more infrastructure spending. “That was done intentionally,” Mulvaney told reporters Wednesday.

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  1. Unstable Isotope says:

    I run into people who still say Trump will bring manufacturing jobs. I’m always replying “yeah right.” People still haven’t quite internalized that Trump’s big talk means nothing. Right now I’m not even sure he’ll get his tax cuts and I thought that was something all Republicans could agree on.

  2. bamboozer says:

    The comment I get most about Trump is “and I didn’t vote for him!”, but dare say there is an assortment of fools out there that think “the jobs are coming back”. Automation and people who work for a dollar an hour beg to differ, but enjoy your fools paradise while you can. As for an infrastructure bill it will appear when it benefits the Republicans most and not before, right now their too busy wetting themselves over Trumpcare.

  3. Jason330 says:

    Yeah. That’s the punchline to infrastructure joke. The trillion dollars (if it goes out) is going out in the form of… wait for it…. tax cuts for construction companies. Huzzah! I’m sure they’ll put that money right to work, and not in their offshore bank accounts.

  4. mouse says:

    Trump voters care for little beyond the validation of their bigotry. No policy or factual detail will pull them off of that