March 18, 2017 Open Thread: Beach Edition

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Rehoboth Beach fire, tent, canopy ban passes (link)

Rehoboth City Hall will have spectacular views (link)

$1 million Bethany fire is still under investigation (link)

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  1. Alby says:

    This story illustrates why Black Lives Matter should expand its agenda. Police misconduct disproportionately affects African-Americans — what scourge of American life doesn’t? — but it affects all of us.

    In this case, a Florida deputy, without identifying himself, knocked on a door late at night. When the resident answered the door with a gun in his hand, the deputy shot him on sight. The victim had done nothing wrong; the officer had no warrant and no legitimate reason to suspect the victim of any wrongdoing.

    The victim was white though, to be fair, he had long hair, which makes him Almost Black to the police. (Other traits that make white people Almost Black to police: visible tattoos, missing teeth, living in a trailer park.)

  2. Aurochs says:

    Yesterday I posted a comment expressing my concern that those running this blog had not said one word regarding making any changes to party leadership. It is, at this time, the last comment in yesterday’s Occasional Words from the Resistance thread:

    This is not the first time I’ve raised this concern, and it’s not the first time I’ve felt I’ve been ignored. Kent County held its reorganization meeting on March 13th– no word. New Castle County held its reorganization meetings throughout February– no word. The City of Wilmington is holding its reorganization meetings this month– no word. New Castle County is holding its countywide convention on April 29th– no word. And so on. If not for the occasional complaint about Daniello, I might be led to believe that there IS no party apparatus in Delaware.

    I find it extremely difficult to believe that the Delaware Democratic Party, as an organization, is of no importance. At the very least, it contributed six voting members to the DNC chair election last month. As I recall, nobody here was happy with the result of that election.

    There was a brief period, immediately after Trump’s inauguration, where this blog seemed genuinely motivated to organize action. I made phone calls based on posts to this blog, ffs. But now I wonder if you’ve gone back to the report and complain beat. That’s certainly a worthwhile beat given the state of political reporting in Delaware. But if you want better people to RUN, don’t you need a party that isn’t beholden to the Third Way? Don’t we need to know how Daniello and Goodman and even the people lower down the totem pole influence primary elections, and how it might be possible to change the nature of that influence?

  3. Jason330 says:

    Valid points. Stay tuned, I’m planning a change that will allow us to expand coverage of the Democrats and other Delaware advocacy groups.

  4. Alby says:

    @Aurochs: I don’t speak for those who run the blog, but DL was torn apart already in the past year because of the commitment of former partners to forwarding the Democratic Party agenda instead of a liberal or progressive agenda.

    It’s not that the Democratic Party is of no importance. It’s that the Democratic Party is not responsive to the influence of anyone outside the Delaware Way centrist position, which is a cover for the simple theft, graft and cronyism that have distinguished the Democratic Party of Delaware throughout the 44 years I have lived i the state.

    The Democratic Party of Delaware stands for nothing but self-enrichment. I don’t want to join any such organization. I want to see it destroyed.

    This Guardian story about the party’s refusal to follow the path of Bernie Sanders — his issues, not his candidacy — is a national version of the same thing:

  5. Aurochs says:

    Jason: Thank you for listening. I look forward to the expanded coverage.

    Alby: I don’t see how the Democratic Party is going to be destroyed by progressives ignoring it. Its power is entrenched, and I see no serious proposals for an alternative apparatus (nor can I think of anything viable). Progressive activists are working hard in other states to reform the party from within. Do you say their work is meaningless? The party suffers from this same Clintonian rot all across the country.

    The party works through elections. Every party officer is elected, from the NCCo RD chairpersons all the way up to Daniello. That means it CAN be changed. It will take sustained effort, but it can happen, if people are willing to roll up their sleeves.

  6. Alby says:

    First off, the Democratic Party WAS just destroyed by progressives ignoring it. Why do you think the Hillarybots hate the Bernie Bros so intensely?

    It’s not just rolling up your sleeves. It’s the ability to be in the same room with these people while resisting the urge to murder them. That’s not possible for me, so good luck to you.

    I really don’t care how it works in other states. I know this one. You won’t change it until a lot of people who are still under 65 are dead.

    Didn’t you read Jason’s post from the other day? The Democratic Party has a lower favorability rating than any comparable institution. It’s like trying to persuade people that Buick isn’t a car for old people. It’s been the best-quality car made in the US for decades, but it can’t shake its brand image — which, perhaps you’ve noticed, is about all that matters to people these days. As a brand, the Democratic Party is on a par with bedbugs.

    It’s easier to abandon it and start afresh. The Democratic Party in Delaware is a larger obstacle to progressive government than the GOP.

    PS: Nobody has to lift a finger to destroy it. It’s destroying itself as we speak. I expect the 2020 elections to bring the GOP to power throughout the state.

  7. El Somnambulo says:

    You may not have to abandon the structure if there is enough access for the grassroots and insurgents to get on their local committees. But it’s not that easy. The committees are formed at the RD level. If the elected representative from that district is a D, then they may not want anybody infiltrating their closed shop. Those, for example, who do not see eye-to-eye with their DINO selves.

    Since committee members ultimately select the state chair, then it may well be an insiders election.

    I really want those insurgents to get on their local committees. I don’t want to discourage them. But I want them to know that their could be obstacles.

    Plus, having said what I’ve said, there are districts where the D’s have just about given up. Taking over those committees shouldn’t be too difficult. And those committee votes count as much as those of more insular committees. Hint, hint.

  8. SussexAnon says:

    Taking over subcommittees may be easy, but they are useless. They were useless when progressives did push for change and they are useless now. Daniello was challenged in one of his elections. Made a lot of promises, didn’t keep any of them. That is how the party works. There are two tiers to the party apparatus. The unwashed masses of activists, and the $2000 suit club writing the checks. It’s kinda like the GOP except without the overt abuse.

    You have no idea the wall you will hit until you are in the Executive committee meeting listening to the corporate/banking bullshit line and how TheGay would be political suicide in the plank.