New shocking theory on Carney Coffee Klatches – They are real!

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As Carney continues to meet with Delawareans in “budget reset” meetings, a shocking theory is rippling through the state. Carney honestly has no idea what he is going to do about the budget and is really expecting the retirees he is meeting with to come up with something.

That he is really listening is both charming and troubling. Having come to believe that these meetings were a cynical ruse, people in the know aren’t sure what to make of the possibility that Carney is still spitballing.

“It is becoming clear that he has no (expletive) idea what he is going to do about the budget.” a recent budget reset meeting attendee told me. “I mean…property taxes? It is hard enough now for districts to pass initiatives. What will that do?”

Sadly, one budget decision already appears set in stone. Having fully internalized the phony GOP narrative on taxes, new revenue has frequently been ruled off limits.

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  1. chris says:

    He has already tipped his hand on some things on his WDEL appearance . He’s going to propose a cut in benefits for state workers. And he has to do something with Dep’t of Education. That’s where the money is. Two areas of unrestrained growth.

  2. Jason330 says:

    Those villainous state workers, all greedily expecting to get insurance.

    And those greedy public schools. How dare they expect adequate funding?

  3. mediawatch says:

    You may be right about DOE as a target for cuts, but the real problem there is that they’ve got to repurpose the staff — getting them away from enforcing the silly regs they make up and into providing curriculum support to help the districts. However, if you’re going to get laid off, there’s something gentler about getting the bad news from Susan Bunting than from the hated Mark Murphy.

    The property tax trial balloon has repeatedly been punctured here because of its impracticality (there’s no statewide mechanism in place, reassessment would be appropriate before implementation, it looks like a way to screw the counties and the schools).

    That said, there is some merit to the suggestion. Consider: Delaware’s population is growing older by the day, not just because we’re getting older but because more retirees are moving in than young working folk. One big reason is because our property taxes are so damn low. I know current residents will scream (and I’m a senior citizen myself) but … if we raised property taxes a bit, we could cut into the budget shortfall, and if we raised them a lot, we might cause some of those seniors who come in from New York and New Jersey to get more benefits from our government than they actually pay for to decide to stay put or go somewhere else, like Florida.
    The other piece here is that neither Carney nor our legislators seem to get that paying more for education and transportation (roads and of the public variety), we will make the state more attractive to businesses and consequently to middle-class people looking for good jobs — and that would serve to boost revenue from corporate and personal income taxes.
    I’m sure there’s an economist in our midst who can show there’s a circular relationship encompassing revenues, education and economic development. I strongly suspect that, as public schools and roadways improve so does a state’s economic development, and thus its annual revenue. The result — a steady upward spiral toward increased prosperity. And, if you turn it around and let the education and road systems deteriorate, you’re hampering economic development, thus causing state revenues to stagnate or fall, ultimately sending the state into a financial death spiral.

  4. mikem2784 says:

    He also has ruled out legalization, because, you know…revenues are bad.

  5. puck says:

    I seem to recall Gov. Minner asking school districts to “voluntarily” return money to the state from their current budgets.

  6. bamboozer says:

    Translation the real solution is off the table before we start, this will not end well. Sad assed clown show or not.

  7. Festering Troll says:

    Unfortunately I think we all know where this is going. The budget will get balanced on the backs of what’s left of Delaware’s dying middle class, while the 1% walks away virtually unscathed. On top of that, higher property taxes will mean tough days ahead for school districts when it comes to passing referendums, which again, will hurt the middle class.

    God forbid we have a progressive income tax that reflects the fact that people making $60,000 a year shouldn’t be in the state’s highest tax bracket. (The median household income in Delaware is $58,000 a year, but the highest tax bracket maxes out at $60,000? WTF?)

    Hello Delaware? The DuPont Company has pretty much left town, so we don’t have to kiss Chateau Country ass anymore to retain jobs. Wake the f*ck up and institute a progressive income tax so we don’t have to fill budget gaps every f*cking year!

  8. john kowalko says:

    “Gov. Minner asking school districts to “voluntarily” return money to the state from their current budgets”.
    You should be aware of state law (Section 508 of Title 14) that requires Charter schools to give back extra money (allocated for transportation costs) that they do not use for their transportation costs (upwards of $1.2 million unused each year). And be further aware that every year the Joint Finance Committee adds epilogue language to the budget/grant-in-aid/bond bills that contravene (for that fiscal year) the clearly stated intent of Delaware code and permits the charter schools to keep any unspent money.
    Example from 2010-2011 Budget, Section 367: “Notwithstanding 14 Del. C. 508 or nay regulation to the contrary, a charter school may negotiate a contract (multiyear, if desired) for contractor payment for school transportation up to the maximum rate specified…or the charter school may publicly bid the transportation routes” Here’s the kicker to the taxpayers’ groin. “IF THE ACTUAL NEGOTIATED OR BID COSTS ARE LOWER THAN THE MAXIMUM RATE SPECIFIED ABOVE, THE CHARTER SCHOOL MAY KEEP THE DIFFERENCE”. Every year, every budget (like clockwork) the JFC leadership imposes this maneuver to contravene existing code. Every year I have proposed an amendment to the budget to remove this aberration and abdication of accountability and every year both caucuses have refused to support that amendment with enough votes. The “piper” has been paid over $1.2 million in taxpayer dollars yearly, none of it used for the specificity of allocation that law and the constitution requires. Call the JFC members individually and demand that they stop this irresponsible practice.
    Representative John Kowalko

  9. RE Vanella says:

    Speaking of, I’m getting ready to Klatch Up right now. Headed out to the home of the Highlander. Watch this horror show Governor square his jaw, stare into the middle distance, and say absolutely nothing using many, many words. Says nothing. Stands for nothing.

    If wooed, I will retract.

  10. speaktruth says:

    Carney has no clue and refuses to address those ideas delivered by Delaware citizens.
    Refuses to legalize and tax recreational marijuana.
    Refuses to get non violent drug offenders out of prison and into treatment. Costing Delaware taxpayers $36,000 to house an inmate when drug treatment would cost $3,600. We spend the most money on the prisons and overtime for guards. When he was Lt. Gov (under Minner) he was Chair of the Health Commission, and refused to hold a hearing on a Medicare for all single payer system which would have saved the state $2.5 BILLION and cover everyone for every thing.

    Carney hasn’t a clue whats going on in these prisons…but now that the Floyd family got a big attorney and sueing for millions…Carney maybe waking up to the fact that NO governor nor any legislator has given a damn about the horror in these gulags in Delaware.

    Carney going after state workers is a pittance and will do nothing to decrease the budget. What happened to the States Rainy Day fund?

  11. chris says:

    Looking forward to some reports from folks who went to the coffee klatch with Reps. Hudson, Miro, Ramone and others tonight.

  12. RE Vanella says:

    It lived up to the cost of admittance.

    Think of it like this. If Jason & Donviti wrote a screenplay ahead of time and delivered it the acts would be nearly indistinguishable from each other.

  13. chris says:

    Provide us some humorous nuggets…

  14. RE Vanella says:

    I wrote something for publication today I think is sufficiently humorous.