March 13, 2017 Open Thread

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Panel: Approach to Delaware’s drug war must change (link)

Winter storm has ‘bullseye’ on Tuesday morning commute (link)

Wilmington season snowfall: 1979-2016 (link)

11th annual UDance marathon raises $1.8M+ to fight childhood cancer (link)

Pike Creek blaze levels abandoned bowling alley Sunday (link)

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  1. This winter storm is so dangerous that John Carney has scheduled emergency Coffee Klatches today to ask what he should do about it.

  2. mouse says:

    Looks like that 11 million for Rehoboth beach replenishment of the replenishment in November will need replenishment after tomorrow..

  3. Jason330 says:

    “This winter storm is so dangerous that John Carney has scheduled emergency Coffee Klatches today to ask what he should do about it.”

    Only after he brought together a committee to study the need for emergency Coffee Klatches, and that committee gave him the green light.

  4. RE Vanella says:

    Can somebody tell Carney that the shit he says has no basis in fact?

    Corporate Incentives Cost U.S. $45 Billion in 2015, Don’t Really Work
    By Henry Grabar

    “The report, based on a database of 26 years of incentives in 33 states, affirms the consensus that these tax breaks—which have tripled since 1990, when the database begins keeping track—don’t do much to convince companies to move. Plotting the effects of incentives and taxes on state GDP growth, the study concludes their effects are ‘always statistically insignificant … the maximum possible effects of incentives on increasing growth … are towards the lower end of the range of estimates in the previous literature.’ ”

    The report:

    Government welfare for corporations and business is a horrible investment. True fact.

  5. His thinking is so reflexive it can’t be called thinking.

  6. Jason330 says:

    Excellent links though. Wrong thinking about taxes, among elected officials and voters, is one of the biggest problems afflicting our state right now. It creates a myriad of downstream problems and makes it nearly impossible to enact the basic common sense fixes in the near term that can save millions, if not billions in the long term.

    There is a concerted lobbying effort to keep wrong thinking on taxes afloat. I think the only solution is a concerted, long-term effort aimed disabusing the public and elected officials of their wrong thinking.

  7. We can’t prove that his thinking is wrong b/c DEDO and state government resolutely refuse to provide cost/benefit analysis. You think they’d refuse to provide the stats if the stats supported their unsupported assertions?

    Didn’t think so.

    It’s not just ‘not thinking’. It’s ‘lying’.

  8. puck says:

    Don’t knock Carney’s coffee klatches – at least he is making himself available. If the meetings aren’t producing video clips of constituents angry about service cuts and demanding more funding – that’s on us.

  9. Here’s why the coffee klatches are a joke. The guy’s known forever that he was gonna be elected governor in 2016. He appears not to have spent a single moment of that prep time in deciding what he wants to do as governor.

    Now he’s seeking public input (that is no more than a PR exercise)?

    He KNEW about the budget shortfall. He knows about the issues facing the state. He has given no sign that he has a clue as to what to do.

    He HAS heard from constituents who want higher brackets for the wealthy, and he has shown disdain for that option. Which raises the question, why ask what the public thinks if he’s gonna dismiss it out of hand?

  10. mouse says:

    Anyone going to the opening party at the Starboard?

  11. Alby says:

    How pathetic does someone have to be to go to the Starboard — or any bar in Dewey Beach — after the age of 30?

  12. Alby says:

    “If the meetings aren’t producing video clips of constituents angry about service cuts and demanding more funding – that’s on us.”

    I promise to raise a ruckus Thursday night if someone will agree to take the video.

  13. Just to rub it in……Sunny and 90 for the rest of the week in Arizona 🙂

  14. RE Vanella says:

    Al – I’ll do it. Where and at what time Thursday?

    Also, accurate assessment of Dewey.

  15. Alby says:

    @REV: It was more a comment on our culture’s idea of fun.

    Deborah Hudson hosts a Carney meeting Thursday, March 16 at 7 p.m. in the Auditorium at McKean High School 301 McKennans Church Road

  16. RE Vanella says:

    I’ll be there by half past 6. My technical photography & film capabilities are approaching nil, but I’ll do my very best.

    If someone is better equipped or has some skill please say so. I’m still going but I’d rather ask a tough question to & probably heckle than have the responsibility to capture this for posterity.

  17. Alby says:

    @MarkH: Yeah, but you’re surrounded by Arizonans.

  18. mouse says:

    Hey, cut me some slack. The Starboard has great food and entertainment and lot of retiree age folk hang out there for the opening party. Besides I’ve only been 30 for 26 years now lol

  19. mouse says:

    And the chamber is having their party on Thursday and it’s a good one to crash

  20. karlstom says:

    The most depressing thing I’ve read since the election

  21. jason330 says:

    Thanks for the link.

  22. @alby
    Yes, and I’m also surrounded by my grand-kids, so it’s a price I’m willing to pay 🙂 And for a year round tennis player, it works for me that way too 🙂