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No reader of DL will be surprised to learn that the problem (according to the right-wing media) isn’t the illegal and treasonous activity of the Trump administration, but the real threats to the republic are the “low-life” civil servants who expose the illegal and treasonous activity of the Trump administration. They are the real bad guys. The bad hombres, Trump and the wing-nut media is going after. How successful Trump and his media will be in vilifying these people will depend entirely on how readily the objective (main stream? fake news?) media accepts that narrative.

Finally, the civil servants in question have no investigating authorities to leak information regarding the illegal activity of the Trump administration to. That is why they have gone to the media. That simple fact is completely lost on the Alt-Right media complex and lost on the legit news media for the most part.

This is Trump lapdog, Jason Chaffetz:

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz told Fox News’ “The First 100 Days” Wednesday night that he would ask the Justice Department’s inspector general to investigate leaks of classified information that led to the resignation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The Utah Republican told host Martha MacCallum that “no matter where you are on the political spectrum, you cannot have classified information migrating out into a non-classified setting.”

Here is Trump himself signaling a coming purge that will cleanse America’s intelligence community.

Trump Purge

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  1. Ben says:

    This is it folks. I predict domestic terrorism charges, possibly even treason charges for a few unlucky scapegoats. There is no official who isnt in the Putin/Bannon cabal.

  2. Jason330 says:

    The White House is building a narrative around the idea that there is a liberal elite/media/intelligence/deep government cabal dedicated to driving President Trump from office. If that narrative sticks, there is no end to the misery this country is in store for.

  3. Ben says:

    It’ll work…. because there is, indeed a push by truth seekers, intel officials, and progressive/liberal/non-nazis to drive this pigfucker from office.

  4. Alby says:

    I assume the uniform for your pants-pissers brigade features dark trousers.

  5. Ben says:

    Actually, mine recaptures the piss and sends it to purification so i can re-drink it. Once the EPA and every other oversight agency is gutted, they’ll really ramp up the leadening of the water to kill off “city-folk”

  6. puck says:

    I never dreamed that one day I’d be rooting for the spooks.

  7. Ben says:

    That’s my problem with Alby’s optimism. It relies on a force that only exists in conspiracy theories.
    I guess it’s possible this wont all end in a mushroom cloud or concentration camps, but there is no way it ends in a united and strong/safe America. The faster this all falls apart, the better. I think Delaware is pretty well fucked, but maybe a lot of us can make it further west.

  8. Jason330 says:

    Alby’s faith in a people power style revolution is a little uplifting I guess. It is odd to be on the other side of this, because I’m usually a big conspiracy theory skeptic. This time I just try to look at all the facts and see what it adds up to.

    1) The GOP is in the majority
    2) The GOP is solidly behind Trump
    3) Dems are not solidly opposed to Trump
    4) The GOP members of congress are in such highly gerrymandered districts that their only fear is being primaried from the right.
    5) The legit media can only carry the Dems “opposition” water for so long.
    6) Banon’s stated goal is to fuck shit up.

  9. Ben says:

    It’s like that dam in California. It is gonna fall apart. It is too late to fix the insane damage already done to the structure. The best course of action is to get everyone you can out of harms way and hope whatever is left after it fails can be rebuilt.

  10. Steve Newton says:

    Alby’s faith in a people’s revolution is, perhaps, spiritually uplifting, but it is pretty unfounded. It founders on a couple of key points–

    1)Trump doesn’t have a majority behind him, but he does have a pretty damn unified large, well-armed (and ready to use them), and deeply committed minority behind him. And what we call “alternative facts,” they fervently believe. If you assume only half of his voters are so inclined, that’s 30+ million people ready to rationalize anything he does right now, and they are being consciously radicalized in a process that most of you here will never see. (You think you’re seeing it, but there’s a lot more ugly out there right now than you can imagine.)

    2) It is easier by far to destroy than build. Gutting the Education Department, the Energy Department, the EPA. etc., is a quickly done trick–and takes far less skill and sacrifice than putting them back together will. The conservatives don’t really want to run much of anything besides Treasury, Defense, and State–those are what make them money and secure their power and connections. The rest of the government they’re fine with breaking. And doing so is not unconstitutional with a GOP Congress.

    3)They have not struck back at the protesters yet, but they are building the groundswell of approval and the “legal” authority to do so. Right now they are into forebearance and portraying protest as the paid liberal warts on George Soros’ ass that reveal the hate and violence and intolerance of the Left. Its working for them with their own supporters; it’s starting to work in the middle.

    4) We have not had a major crisis yet–foreign or domestic. The first one will be a clusterfuck for the Administration. The second one will be their power grab.

  11. Alby says:

    First of all, I don’t foresee any “people’s revolution.” This is standard American pushback — not seen in this form since the ’60s, but pretty standard-issue before that.

    Second, to Ben’s worry that “there is no way it ends in a united and strong/safe America,” we haven’t been united in 40 years and whether we have ever been strong and safe depends heavily on your definitions. No, there’s no way it ends in a strong and safe America. But there’s little chance it ends up as a fascist state, either.

    That said, Trump’s “army” consists mostly of old white farts with a coterie of younger can’t-get-laid gun fondlers. I met them in Washington.

    Destruction of federal departments isn’t high on my list of concerns, particularly education. If southern states want to starve their citizens of learning, that’s on them. That’s to Delaware’s benefit if it happens, which I’ll believe when it does.

    Striking back at protesters is going to be problematic when three-quarters of them are suburban housewives and mothers. It’s easy to think conservative propaganda is working when you’re hearing it, but you really discount the fact that even half of Trump supporters know he’s lying his ass off most of the time.

    Finally, we are in the middle of a major crisis right now. Your inability to recognize it is puzzling.

  12. Ben says:

    Are these the same suburban housewives who majority voted for dampnut?
    It’s the flavor of the week for a lot of middle class white people. Once the regime convinces them that they wont be effected by the “cleansing”, they’ll go back to their houses and watch So You Think You Can Dance.
    And of course I recognize we’re in a crisis. The nation is failing, will fail, and is being steered into the ground by a genocidal madman.

  13. Anono says:

    @ Ben, Better jump in your bunker and get your cans of tuna ready. Oh and move!

  14. Steve Newton says:


    we are in the middle of a major crisis right now. Your inability to recognize it is puzzling.

    Not what I meant. I mean a terrorist attack, or police firing at protesters, or an actual military hotspot confrontation overseas.

    If you think this is crisis, that explains a lot. This is the “new normal.” Crisis will be really bad.

  15. Alby says:

    I dunno, Steve. The nation’s intelligence agencies in open revolt against the president seems like a crisis to me.

    Did you see/read about the presser today? Yeah, it’s the new normal, but it’s like one of those new elements at the bottom of the periodic table — it’s unstable and can’t last.

    The danger right now is that an obviously weak Trump tries to show his strength with the military. He’s being tested every day by Russia, N. Korea, Iran — maybe they just haven’t told him yet.

  16. Ben says:

    That depends what it is. What the hell, we’ve already gotten about as dark as we can….
    If there is a terrorist attack carried out by anyone who can “fit the description” expect internment…. depends on the scale, but it could be anywhere from immediate to a 6 month build up where interment is “decided to be the compromise”. Do not over estimate Americans. we are people, we are awful, and a lot of people’s opinions can be flipped on a dime.

    If cops shoot protesters… this is AWFUL to say, but it comes down to what those protesters look like. Think the ending of V for Vendetta.

    The only crisis has been the presidency itself. The first chance they get to say “we need to put this partisan squabbling aside and address _________” we’re fucked, because Americans will do just that…. enough of them anyway to change the narrative the media can sell us. Dont give CNN et all too much credit. They are, and always have been, chasing ratings and headlines. They dont care about their own freedom (not the people setting the coverage agenda anyway). As soon as it becomes profitable for them to suck up, they’ll fall over themselves for bellyrubs.

  17. Alby says:

    I think Jason, Steve and Ben are worried about the wrong things. Yes, these people are malign, but they’re also incompetent. They’re flying by the seat of their pants, because none of them have held jobs with this much responsibility before (except for Mattis). Apparently that press conference was held on the spur of the moment.

    The past two years have shown that America is ripe for fascism. Our biggest advantage is that this bunch of would-be fascists can’t find its ass with both hands. That doesn’t mean we’re not in danger. And of course I could be wrong about all of this. But I think our greatest danger isn’t something they’re planning, it’s the fact that they’re a bunch of fuck-ups.

  18. Ben says:

    I agree with you on that.
    Honestly, my biggest fear was that (i assumed drumpf would lose) after a 4 year stonewall of / media dogpile on Clinton, the right would run a true fascist threat. Someone who is able to string a couple sentences together, and take the presidency with a GOP ultra-majority (I feel it is more likely to take back the house, hold on to what we have in the senate with a hated GOP pres, than a Dem pres who would not have had a much easier time).
    I think that was their plan. To create 40mish “coulda been” drumpf loyalists who they could use as a huge base for… whomever they ran in 2020. I think they will do all the can to prop up this guy, and I am not sure that is limited to not taking the whole country down. The first major crisis will be either a cannery in this coal mine. I do not expect him to handle it well at all…. it’s how the rest of the powers-that-be react that will be telling. Remember, this is the party who thinks Kent State was an appropriate course of action.