Rethugs Attack Blevins in Hail Mary to Rescue Marino

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R Senators Demand Investigation into Blevins Hiring.

Now, let me just say that Patti Blevins has indeed used and abused her power to feather her own nest.  There’s no doubt about it.  Head of Delaware Helpline?  And now Director of Animal Control?  If you go back even further you’ll find Girls Incorporated.  So, yes, she is an example of the Delaware Way at its worst.

As, by the way, is State Senator Gary Simpson, one of the two senators displaying faux outrage here. Anyone care to take a guess as to what Simpson’s previous employment was? Too late. Formerly Director of the Delaware State Fair.  Then Director of University Relations for the University of Delaware.  To put it mildly, two institutions with their hands out who always leave Dover with $$’s in their mitts.

The Delaware Way is pernicious and rewards only the connected.  Gary Simpson has been an enthusiastic partner and beneficiary of the Delaware Way for decades.  He’s helped to keep the money flowing to the U of D while ensuring that its books remained closed to the public.

The motives of Simpson and hack Rethug Greg Lavelle (time for a grassroots D challenger in SD 4) are transparent. They are only demanding this now to try to revive the failing campaign of John Marino.  There wasn’t a peep out of them when, for example, R State Sen. Joe Booth got a  ‘created just for him’ position with the Sussex Vo-Tech District.  Or when R Majority Leader Dick Cathcart was thrown a life raft by Delaware City and Tom Wagner after illegally awarding contracts at Delaware State. Or, of course, this.

Hey, if they call for an independent review of the Delaware Way and all its beneficiaries, I’ll be right there with them. I’d be happy to share every single word I’ve written about the scum on both sides of the aisle who have benefited from this Insiders’ Club.  But let’s call this for what it is: a sad and transparent attempt to resurrect their halting hopes of running the Senate by selectively blasting behavior that their own Caucus has engaged in and/or ignored.


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  1. Jason330 says:

    Who was the one who had a souvenir business that just happened to sell a shitload of souvenirs to Leg Hall every year?

  2. chris says:

    It took while but the News Journal finally did a huge expose on that sham– when they still did some investigative work before they fired all their reporters.

  3. That was Sally Oberle, Bill Oberle’s wife. She did a lucrative business with pols on both sides of the aisle. And had plenty of state agencies as clients.

  4. Alby says:

    And how much printing business does Charlie Copeland’s shop do for the state and political campaigns?

  5. chris says:

    Copeland does get a lot of work from R’s, but I am not sure he’s always the best price. So there are other options like Print N Press and a couple others . Joe Farley used to get a ton of work from D’s before Copeland bought them out I think.
    Lavelle & Simpson actually got front page story out of this and a laundry list of state legislators who have state jobs to boot in it. They lucked out in getting earned media for the upcoming special election. That is clearly what this is all about. All about Dover being corrupt and broken . Of course, it was dwarfed by the ridiculous skirmish over saying a prayer/ moment of silence in Wilmington City Council.

  6. None of this will matter if Stephanie Hansen gives voters an affirmative reason to vote for her.

    Of course, having John Carney all over her campaign commercial doesn’t motivate me, but that’s just me.