BREAKING: ‘Team’ Marino In Turmoil!

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Less than two weeks before the SD 10 Special Election, John Marino’s campaign has lost both its campaign manager and volunteer coordinator.  Both quit the campaign, at least one of the two due to the extreme right-wing nature of Marino’s positions.

Multiple sources have confirmed the departure of the two aides.

Captain Obvious Says: “When you’re looking to build momentum towards Election Day, you can’t afford to replace the key cogs in your machine during the final weeks.”

The key now is for volunteers with the Hansen campaign to take advantage of this disarray and do everything possible to drive a stake through the heart of Marino’s campaign.  Don’t just aim for a victory…send a resounding message to all R’s across the country.  A lot of national eyes are on this race.  Time to kick sand in the face of the bullies.

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  1. Wilson says:

    Hey El

    Long time

    I miss very much Tuesday’s with Al and you

    Do you know. Is he ok ?

    Is there anywhere I can hear or read him
    At least here I can follow you !

    Any info you can share I appreciate it

    I know thousands feel the same

    Thank you El

  2. chris says:

    All the momentum now with Hansen in this race….Dems should hold this seat.

  3. Wilson: Al writes occasionally right here using the nom de plume Alby Damned.

    If I can get off my lazy butt, I’d love to do some sort of podcast with him.

    Chris: Do you know any more about what happened with the resignations?

  4. Jason330 says:

    So … “establishment” Republicans don’t want to be tarred with a loss here? That Dave Burris has been silent is also telling.

    A good sign, but as we know from recent history, the path to hell is marked with good signs.

    I agree. Time to go into overdrive.

  5. Ben says:

    agreed. Pigfucker-in-chief lost 2 campaign managers, made every mistake imaginable and still won. Marino seems to have a lot more visible yard-sign support. Has anyone seen/ is there a poll?

  6. Ben, knowing one of the key people running the Hansen campaign, all I can say is that he believes that yard signs are often more costly than the ends justify. His/their focus is on Voter ID and GOTV.

  7. Alby says:

    “the path to hell is marked with good signs.”

    Not anymore. Dana Long stole them.

  8. Ben says:

    Good to know… I understand that yard signs don’t vote. I have however seen more Marino signs than i saw drumpf signs, so there IS some amount of excitement for his klandidacy.

  9. Jason330 says:

    lol. Good one. Because of the Clinton dearth of signs (and the corresponding dearth of excitement), I have been gratified to see as many Hansen signs as I’ve seen.

  10. Ben says:

    There does seem to be a lot of excitement. Also glad to see they rolled out CarneyBot … but still had to import an exciting democrat (O’malley) to rally for Hansen.
    kind of related….Was there ever anything to come out of VP pigfucker apparently stumping for Marino?

  11. Jason330 says:

    I think that was wishful thinking on Marino’s part. Maybe if the Trump Clusterfuckocracy was a little less cluster-fucky, he might have been able to make it.

  12. Bailey says:

    “Drive a stake through the marino campaign” “Kick sand in the face of the bullies”. Im sorry but that sounds like the rhetoric of a bunch a bullies to me. Can you show some articles from republicans in DE speaking in the same jargon? Last time I checked, it was DE democrats cold calling people in section 8 housing to get their votes. It was democrats stealing yard signs. I also recall this very site posting an article calling for the radiation of republicans and comparing them to cancer just a few weeks ago. Unlike the Delaware democrats, we can maintain diversity of thought in our party without losing our dignity, voters and minds.

  13. Alby says:

    “Unlike the Delaware democrats, we can maintain diversity of thought in our party without losing our dignity, voters and minds.”

    Somebody get this guy a late-night show. I know Charlie Copeland personally. You’d get more dignity if you dressed up a cat as Santa Claus. Most of you have no minds, and voters? Last time I checked, the only ones you had to lose were the SuxCo yahoos and their Kent brethren. The “diversity of thought” in the Delaware GOP runs from about C to D-.

    The Delaware Democratic Party is second-saddest collection of losers I’ve ever seen — bested only the by the state’s GOP. Don’t even bother denying it — I know too many of you, and ain’t none of the ones with a brain happy about what your party has become.

    Dignity. Sweet fucking Jesus in a gynecologist’s stirrups, what the fuck would you shitbags know about any dignity other than your own?

    Just so you understand the difference, bullies back down from a fight. Our elected representatives certainly do. But what’s happening in the streets is what you get when you try to seize power without bothering to get a mandate from the people.

    Make sure you wear your “Don’t tread on me” shirt so I can make a point of treading on you.

  14. Ben says:

    Snowflake alert.

  15. Jason330 says:

    I know, right? I like the Republicans who abhor political correctness. They are more honest.

  16. Rhonda says:

    I’m appalled at this article! I can say one thing about Marino that I can’t say about Hanson is that he walks the high road. He has too much class to bring up all the negativity about her. I can’t believe Delaware politics has come to this. Aren’t we all supposed to work together?

  17. Jason330 says:

    I’m afraid you’ve mistaken this blog for a Democratic Party blog.

  18. Alby says:

    ” Aren’t we all supposed to work together?”

    Um, you do realize that this is an election, right, in which two or three people put themselves before the voters, who are tasked with choosing just one?

    How are opposing candidates for the same office supposed to “work together,” and on what planet does this occur, employed by what species? “Earth” and “humans” are not correct answers.

  19. SussexAnon says:

    So the rumored Mike Pence appearance is off?

  20. Jason330 says:

    If it was ever on, it would surely be off now – knowing he’d be attaching his reputation to a foundering ship.

  21. mediawatch says:

    Jason … as opposed to, six months ago, not knowing he’d be attaching his reputation to a foundering ship?

  22. Stewball says:

    John Carney’s political Facebook page has a post encouraging folks to vote – but doesn’t mention Stephanie Hanson. It’s not his official Governor’s Office page, so it would be appropriate for him to make a political endorsement there.

  23. snowball says:

    Fascinating… I believe it.
    Other not so upfront: everything is colored blue: doesn’t say he is a republican. On purpose. George Lavelle’s PAC is putting out the lies in the direct mail campaign. Seems to me all the stops are out, going as low as they can.

  24. chris says:

    Not surprised. R’s know they can’t win this race with strong anti-Trump momentum and D voter advantage….expect a nasty, negative final homestretch in this one.

  25. puck says:

    Carney should be knocking on doors and shaking hands in SD10 shopping centers.

  26. Carney is beyond salvaging. Meaning, should Hansen win, she owes him nothing. Which is a good thing.

    I’d love to see Biden come down to rile up the troops, though.

  27. Ben says:

    Puck, I agree. Ive called his office enough for them to recognize me and know why I’m calling, they brag about him having done the very least he can do and send me on my way.

  28. liberalgeek says:

    Biden appeared at a Hansen fundraiser tonight.

  29. RE Vanella says:

    That’s interesting. Someone mentioned something about nailing the coffin shut. Or was it a stake to the heart?

    I hope Hansen cleans Marino’s clock. But honestly I would have preferred the finishing blow to have been like, maybe, a bona fide progressive policy agenda. Minimum wage increase, marijuana legalization/tax. I should be so lucky.

    Instead the party-prepared coup de grâce is allegedly a visit and endorsement from the cat who just pimped Perez over Ellison at DNC. I think that’s called the Delaware Way. Am I wrong?

  30. Josh W says:

    “Instead the party-prepared coup de grâce is allegedly a visit and endorsement from the cat who just pimped Perez over Ellison at DNC.”

    Is this O’Malley you’re referring to? Cause if so, he endorsed Pete Buttigieg for DNC, not Perez.

    EDIT: nevermind I just realized you were talking about Biden. Duh.

  31. ben says:

    That is indeed called the Delaware Way, RE. I wonder if it would be more effective to greet Hansen, should she win, with the superpac money meant to go against Carney’s primary challenger. It can be for her, or used against her next time…. shit, the Rthugs do it, time we adopt their working playbook.

  32. Rufus Y. Kneedog says:

    I don’t understand what Joe Biden showing up at a fundraiser accomplishes. Maybe loosen up the purse strings and get a couple hundred more bucks but I don’t imagine there were many undecideds in the audience.
    I got a robo call poll yesterday, the first part was completely nonpartisan, “Do you know there’s an election” “What date do think the election is” “How likely are you to vote” but then it veered to the right. I don’t remember all the questions but I think someone had tried to dig up some dirt on Hansen based on her work as a land use attorney, “Would it influence your vote to know…..blah blah blah”
    This will probably be a complete shitstorm before it’s over.

  33. If it’s gonna be a shitstorm, I’d sure love to know something about Marino’s police career. Claims he was a decorated officer, injured in the line of duty. Still, only 10 years on the force? I watch Law & Order, I know about desk jobs. I mean, 10 years. Even Dennis P. Williams lasted longer than that.

  34. DelawareLeft says:

    lol at Bailey thinking it’s “undignified” to get people in section 8 housing to vote

    I’m sure they would feel better with a nice poll twx

  35. Josh W says:

    How dare Democrats help those filthy peasants exercise their constitutional rights!

  36. Alby says:

    Political instinct is the one area in which Joe Biden can run laps around any other Democrat, up to and including Bubba Clinton. When Joe gets in front of a parade, it’s usually because it’s bound for glory.

  37. Gerald maynes says:

    Hey your funny,Do you really think any one gives a rap about this election out side of Delaware? Is the Democratic Party that desperate that this is a national big deal? What’s your new slogan going to be, TODAY Delaware and tomorrow Jersey City or Lodi. Boy have the powerful fallen

  38. liberalgeek says:

    I’m just hoping that the Republicans in the district don’t care. I know that the Democrats in the district care.

    The way that the national politics are going, we could start to march through Dixie this time next year.

  39. Ben says:

    Hopefully we finish Gen Sherman’s holy mission this time..
    … too much?

  40. Gerald maynes says:

    yes dream on, You are down to five states out 50 that the Dems control completely. With all the protest and paid rioters, I am guessing you haven’t changed any ones vote in those 45 States. t
    That said to had to raise out side money, being in the discredited former governor of Maryland and Biden Middletown to make a race out if it.Its a good thing the News Journal dosent have an investigative reporter any more to check into Hansen’s back round, it would already be over. Just imagine if John does win. One down and four to go to oblivion.

  41. RE Vanella says:

    Democratic states pay 2/3 of the tax and Republican states take 2/3 of the benefits. Look it up Mr Maynes. Not even an “alternative” fact. It’s a real one.

    They are sucking at our tit. Maybe just a thank you would be nice. Scumbag.

    Also, I mentioned the lie about paid protesters. Dirty liar. I go out because it’s the right thing to do. Don’t be scared. We’re onto you.

  42. Alby says:

    So this brainiac’s argument holds that this election could give the Republican Party in Delaware its first scrap of power in Dover since the House was lost eight years ago (IIRC) — but it’s the Democrats who are over-emphasizing its importance.

    Hey Gerald, have you heard about the plan to privatize the Roth bridge and raise the tolls? Want to get in on the ground floor?

  43. Anono says:

    @Alby, to Bailey’s point; “Dignity. Sweet fucking Jesus in a gynecologist’s stirrups, what the fuck would you shitbags know about any dignity other than your own?”

    To put Jesus in the same sentence, REALLY! You should be ashamed of yourself! Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?


  44. Alby says:

    I love people who talk about dignity while denying that health care is a right.

  45. LeBay says:


    Fuck off.

    Jesus is imaginary.

  46. Alby says:

    @LeBay: Funny, they never quote that line about “what you do to the least of my brothers.” They are, however, sensitive as hell about not hurting their God’s feelings.

    They used to call atheists “free-thinkers,” as opposed to those bound intellectually by the chains of faith.

  47. Anono says:

    @ Lebay You have your beliefs and I have mine.

  48. Ben says:

    You believe that babies will murder you and I believe that it is our responsibility as humans to help other humans…. like your “god” taught. We all laugh at your “beliefs”.

  49. Alby says:

    @Anono: Too bad there’s no evidence for your beliefs. Why don’t you toddle back to your sandbox?

  50. RE Vanella says:

    We don’t respect beliefs. We evaluate reasons.

  51. Anono says:

    @ Ben “You believe that babies will murder you”
    Your words Ben, not mine. Why make things up?
    “I believe that it is our responsibility as humans to help other humans”

    I do that in many ways; supporting veterans, the elderly, etc.

    AND I’ll help anyone who is here, LEGALLY!

    @ Alby Won’t get into a religious debate.

  52. Ben says:

    You support veterans, champ? I guess then you vote against the GOP who constantly slashes their benefits.
    You support the elderly? I guess you’re all for expanding Social security and going after banks that prey on them…… you’re a liar. You also wont get into a religious debate bc you’ll lose. You’re clearly a fake christian. Your god never qualified helping people with “as long as they pass your government’s test of “where they should be”.

  53. Anono says:

    @ Ben. Let me pose a question. Do you support companies, that hire people that are here illegally and pay them under the table?

  54. Alby says:

    @Anono: Right back atcha. If you eat at restaurants you almost certainly do the same.

    You’re what happens when dumb people read the Bible — they don’t understand it.

    If you think the Nazarene would do as you advocate, you’re another deluded Satan worshiper who thinks he’s a good Christian. Sad.

  55. Alby says:

    The answer to your question is “Everybody does.”

    Do you eat chicken or processed meat — hot dogs, ground beef, cold cuts? Then you almost certainly have purchased products turned out in part by illegal immigrant labor.

    Do you eat at sit-down restaurants? Almost all of them employ people as dishwashers and line cooks without extensive background checks.

    Do you stay in hotels when you travel? The number of illegal immigrants in housekeeping jobs is fairly high.

    And so forth. Do you know anything about this subject beyond your own prejudices?

  56. puck says:

    Consumers don’t have an effective way to vet businesses to see if they are using illegal labor. That is why we need e-Verify coupled with strong employer sanctions.