Dem Rep Says Rarely Invoked Law Could Make Trump Release Taxes

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Some calls and visits to our congressional delegation may be in order to urge them to support Pascrell’s efforts

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) said in an interview published Saturday that a 1924 law could be invoked to examine President Donald Trump’s tax returns for possible violations and conflicts of interest.

Pascrell, a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, asked the committee’s chairman Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) to order the Treasury Department to provide President Donald Trump’s tax returns to the committee, according to a statement released by Pascrell’s office on Feb. 1.

“The Presidential campaign is over and the fear that a political opponent will try to use tax returns for electoral benefit is passed,” Pascrell wrote. “President Trump is now governing while also owning a business with international investments. The Constitution faces unprecedented threats due to this arrangement.”

He is seeking the last 10 years of Trump’s taxes, according to the statement, and requested a response from Brady by Wednesday.

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  1. *crossing fingers*

    Congressman Invokes Unknown 1924 Rule To Expose Trump’s Tax Returns Immediately

  2. jason330 says:

    Anticipating critics… I know Republicans are in the majority and can simply say “no” but if Dems go after this hard they can force the GOP to look like a bunch of corrupt idiots… which they are.

    If Democrats really want to pick up seats in the midterm you’ll see them pushing hard on this. If they don’t, you won’t.

  3. mediawatch says:

    Imagining the Trump resistance if this push succeeds: His legal team would make the “original intent” argument and say he would only have to disclose income/expense/tax items that were required in 1924, which would likely shield most, if not all, of his investments from disclosure.
    Not betting that Congress will succeed in forcing the issue, but if it does, the Donald will need some help from Gorsuch.