Chris Coons Continued Support of Israel

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If Chris Coons supported the people of Delaware as much as he unabashedly supports the people of Israel, maybe we wouldn’t give him so much crap. Speaking at a Christians United for Israel (CUFI), Coons said the following:

Coons opened his remarks by thanking CUFI and the Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition, who also sent representatives to the event. The Delaware Democrat stated that he was “certain” the Senate Foreign Relations Committee would adopt a bipartisan resolution “making it clear that UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which undermines direct negotiations between [the Palestinian Authority and Israel], was an unbalanced resolution that should not have passed.” Coons went on to criticize the UNSC resolution “for not recognizing the right of the Jewish homeland to exist.”

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  1. Jason330 says:

    Benjamin Netanyahu: Pander harder.
    Coons: I’m on it boss.

  2. I wonder how he stands on moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, a provocation that would sound the death knell for any hope of a negotiated long-term peace agreement:

  3. puck says:

    “Coons went on to criticize the UNSC resolution “for not recognizing the right of the Jewish homeland to exist.””

    Coons has a point here.

    The US over several administrations has blundered by tolerating Israel’s settlements and expansionary ambitions, contrary to stated US policy of a two-state solution.

    But Israel’s expansion is its response to its existential crisis of its demographic time bomb. Without expansion, Israeli Jews will become an electoral minority in their own country, thus ending Israel’s purpose as a Jewish homeland.

    So if the international community wants to dial back Israeli settlements, it also has to acknowledge that Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish homeland. That is what is meant by “balanced.”

    Without that acknowledgment, the UN resolution has the unwritten message that the international community is willing to stand by while Israel disappears. Most Americans don’t understand this message, but Israelis hear it loud and clear.