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I get that cops have a tough job, but it is a tough job they signed up for. All this rah-rah around law enforcement is getting a little creepy, and I will not be forced into a blanket “support of law enforcement”  because not all cops are decent. Police officers are people, so by definition some are great and some are horrible. Some go into the field with the best intentions and some go in with the worst intentions.

This is from the Cape Gazette:

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day set Jan. 9

January 4, 2017

The organization known as C.O.P.S. which stands for Concerns of Police Survivors, has for the last few years recognized those that serve and protect communities. Monday, Jan. 9, is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Now more than ever with 62 officers killed this year by gunfire, an increase of 72 percent, it is time to show police that the community supports them. Show support by doing any or all of the following:

• Fly a blue ribbon on a mailbox, motorcycle, or anywhere one can be tied.
• Shine a blue light in the home window.
• Wear blue all day.
• Send a card or have local schools make cards for the local department.
• Host or attend a local rally in support of law enforcement.
• Share support on social media.
• Most importantly, thank a police officer.


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  1. RE Vanella says:

    Our President-Elect made it very clear order will be restored.

    “Shoot to kill arsonists. Shoot to maim looters.”

    …the whole world’s watching…

  2. Al says:

    Nice and realistic writing. I try to tell so many people this very thing that cops are people, and can and will pass judgement on others without having the whole story straight. The public seems to think that just because folks become cops, they have to reveal all of their dark secrets that will impact how impartial they will do thier jobs. Unless you’re born in a bubble, it’s plain idiotic to think this way.

  3. RE Vanella says:

    I feel like there’s quite a bit of confusion about this entire debate. Nobody is claiming police aren’t people. Nobody expects perfection. I certainly don’t. The problem is that the scales have tipped too far. We’ve evolved our community peace officers into a paramilitary force and treat them like they are going to war. People use the same language of “thanks and appreciation” as if the local police were on patrol in Fallujah for the last 18 month. If they are at war who is the enemy?

    And when they do make a mistake it’s usually rationalized and excused because the job is deemed incredibly dangerous. Actually, based on facts and reality, it isn’t. It’s hard work and not 100% safe. Fair enough. But this constant demand for thanks and praise is creepy. Police already get to operate with implied immunity. Isn’t that enough?

  4. donviti says:

    why do Police Lockers have locks on them?

  5. donviti says:

    I feel a gun post coming next

  6. It’s not just that. The so-called ‘Police Bill of Rights’ exempts cops from laws that every one else must observe. Oh, and they get to take people’s property, just like that, if they even suspect them of being in violation of the law. No due process, just stealing, call it what it is.

    They should at least be held to the same standards as suspected criminals. Instead, they are largely placed above the law by the General Assembly which, of course, numbers a disproportionate number of ex-cops among its ranks.

  7. ModernProgressive says:

    I support the police too but all these stories of unarmed African Americans being shot by white police officers makes me want to vomit.

  8. bamboozer says:

    Worked with several cops over the years, current and retired, they ranged from pretty cool to a bully with a badge. My grandfather was a NYC cop in the late twenties and thirties , I’m not exactly antagonistic to them. But the police kill hundreds of people per year, black, white, brown including women and children. This Happens Nowhere Else On Earth, countries in Europe can go for years without killing anyone, what the hell is the problem? Are we that bad as a people? Really? Can nothing be done? And why do we let it happen and live with it. Sorry, fresh out of blue ribbons here.

  9. Rufus Y. Kneedog says:

    I support law enforcement but I think El Som has hit the nail on the head with the civil forfeiture. While the $400 in US Currency and 2002 Acura Integra (when I see the notice in the News Journal I am astonished at how small the amounts are) might be from criminal enterprises, it might also be a $12/HR weekly paycheck and a persons first car that is used to get to work. Maybe I’m being naive but since nothing has to be proven, we’ll never know. That has to have a negative impact on the public perception of law enforcement in poor neighborhoods.

  10. fightingbluehen says:

    I work for an ex cop and I must say that the guy is one of my nicest clients. That being said, I don’t trust cops for personal reasons.

    I’ve also come to realize that if you apply for a state or county job in Delaware, and there is also a cop applying for that job…you will not get that job.

    Many of those in law enforcement have been, or are simultaneously serving in the military along with their current law enforcement job.

    I think maybe someone should look into a waiting period followed by some sort of evaluation for combat veterans entering or returning to civilian law enforcement, so that the possibility of them treating citizens like the enemy is reduced.