McBride, Henry, Poore elected as the new Democratic Leadership in Senate.

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Current Majority Leader Sen. David McBride (D-13), has been nominated by the Senate Democratic Caucus to replace defeated Senator Patricia Blevins as Senate President Pro Tempore when the Senate convenes for the 149th General Assembly on Tuesday, January 10, 2017. The current Majority Whip, Senator Margaret Rose Henry (D-2), will likewise move up and become the new Democratic Majority Leader. Replacing Henry as the Majority Whip will be Senator Nicole Poore (D-12).

“I am honored that my colleagues have entrusted me with the awesome responsibility of serving as President Pro Tempore of the Delaware State Senate,” McBride said. “I look forward to working with all; our new governor, members of the House, and my Senate colleagues. That means continuing the promotion of policies that create jobs, protect workers, improve our schools, and make us safe, following the efforts of Patti Blevins for the last four years.” […]

“In the face of a shifting political landscape, we must affirm that, more often than not, Democratic values and Delaware’s values are aligned,” Henry said. “We must continue the fight for working families, for an economy that works for everyone, and for social justice and equality for all Delawareans.”

“Serving in leadership is a responsibility I take seriously and I’m grateful to my colleagues for putting their faith in me,” Poore said. “As a caucus we must come together to take on some foundational challenges facing our state – our budget, public education, and public safety in our towns and cities. I look forward to playing my part to help us find common ground on those issues and so many more.”

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  1. It remains to be seen whether they’ll retain those posts following the Special Election for Bethany Hall-Long’s seat, which will take place in Feb. or March.

    I put the odds at no better than 50-50.

  2. anonymous says:

    And yet some people think the Democratic Party isn’t a doddering mess. Here’s the leadership team, being led by someone who doesn’t even live close to full-time in the district he supposedly represents.

  3. chris says:

    Too bad Karen Peterson retired…..we need her now more than ever. She’s always been there for us!

  4. Bane says:

    Hey Anonymous!! Relax!

    He thinks about his district all the time. When he leaves the Christiana Mall to go to his home in Sussex, he typically looks at his district from Rt1 South. Thinking of all the people who live there, who they might be, and what they might care about. Sometimes he even slows down to get a closer look.

    I kid.. Now in all seriousness

    I’m pretty confident that McBride is next to bite the dust. People never learn. They just keep elevating old district do-nothings. Do they not realize that being the top dog in Leadership means all of the attention is on you and if you don’t have a strong campaign operation at home it’s only a matter of time before you are beaten, no matter how long you have served… Spence “08”, DeLuca “12”, Blevins “16”,….. McBride “??”

    Poore and Margaret Rose Henry are good picks though. Poore is dedicated and is always campaigning and Henry is pretty safe from threats and I hear is close to retirement.

  5. chris says:

    Doesn’t matter too much. Lavelle will be calling the shots in that chamber in March most likely anyway. Earl Jacques cannot win that special election.

  6. Aurochs says:

    So, uh, Blevins.

    Blevins lost the election by 200 votes.

    She lost RD 4 (where she represented two electoral districts, 08-04 and 12-04) by over 400 votes.

    She lost RD 19 by 21 votes, and only two of the eight EDs she represented there went for her. If not for a blowout margin in 12-19, she would have lost this RD.

    She lost 10-21 (the only district in that RD she represented) by over 100 votes.

    The only RD where she won was 13, and the ~350 vote margin there wasn’t enough to offset her losses elsewhere.

    By contrast, Clinton won EVERY SINGLE DISTRICT in RD 19, as well as 10-21, 08-04, and 12-04, by significant margins.

    Anybody have any idea what the hell happened here? I don’t think Delcollo’s negative campaign is the whole story.

  7. Aurochs says:


    “She lost RD 19 by 21 votes, where only two of the eight EDs she represented went for her. If not for a blowout margin in 12-19, her numbers here would have been much worse.”

  8. Jason330 says:

    Blevins post mortem post covered some of this, but your question remains. Re your question – she seems to have taken the state’s side over her constituents in something to do with routing trucks through neighbourhoods.