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  1. jason330 says:

    Oh man. That is something.

  2. Prop Joe says:

    Some form of what we saw in that vignette will be unfolding across the country next Tuesday night. Quite a few of my friends who work in education have told me specific examples of students wondering if their immediate family or their Abuelos will be able to stay if Trump wins. These are, of course, students whose families would be classified as “immigrant” or identified as “potential illegals” by Trump’s brownshirt polling security crew.

    That some real shit right there…

  3. Prop Joe says:

    If I may paraphrase a classic Allen Iverson interaction with the media and put it in the context of the last week of the presidential election:

    “We in here talking about [emails]. I mean, listen, we’re talking about [emails], not [ties to Russia], not [pending sexual assault trials and business fraud cases], not [the fact White Supremacists are ecstatic that one candidate will Make America White Again… No,] we talking about [emails]. Not [who is capable of executing the duties of the office and keeping America safe]… Not, not … Not the [future of our country] but we’re talking about [emails], man. I mean, how silly is that?”

  4. mikem2784 says:

    Ok, who cut the onions in my office? But…EMAILS! WTF is wrong with this country? Why are we sweating this one out?