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I feel very strongly that people deserve the best leadership possible from their elected officials. Providing a choice in that leadership is crucial to having the best representation possible, which is the reason I seriously considered a write-in candidacy for New Castle County President. However, after a lot of back and forth, analysis, and feedback, I’ve decided it would be impossible to prevail in this race as a write-in candidate with 5 weeks until the election; so, there’s no reason to put such a strain on my kids, my friends, my supporters, or myself. I have a strong passion for public service and will continue to look for the next opportunity to participate, in elected office or otherwise. A sincere thank you to all my friends and supporters, especially my family, for considering this run and encouraging me. I am blessed beyond words. THANK YOU ALL for your support!!!


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  1. jason330 says:

    I can see that being affiliated with an organization in as much disarray as the DEGOP would indeed be putting himself and his family under undo stress.

  2. liberalgeek says:

    Ha! This reminds me of a blogger that once threatened to run for Governor and decided the time wasn’t right. I wonder if said blogger had any role in this.

  3. cassandra_m says:

    The next question for the GOP is how much could Kovach being on the ballot have helped their NCC candidates. Bet they are kicking themselves.

  4. liberalgeek says:

    Luck favors the bold. I remember when Chris Coons took one for the team and would up winning the CO’D jackpot.

    Kovach estimated that he couldn’t beat Penrose, so he chickened out. Sometimes you gotta get in the batters box and take a swing.

    I like Tom a lot, but this is a sad little incident.

  5. Anyone who doesn’t run b/c they don’t think they can beat Penrose Hollins is ignorant of history.

  6. chris says:

    If he was afraid of Penrose, then he either has no spine or is not very smart. Or likely both!!