Voter Registration Numbers Up for Dems and Others.

Filed in National by on September 29, 2016

According to the News Journal and the Department of Elections, as of September 1, there are 36,518 more voters registered now than there was on Election Day in 2012.

The number of registered voters on Sept. 1 already has surpassed the 2012 totals, with 671,043 registered voters, according to the Department of Elections. The total in 2012 on Election Day was 634,525.

Of that 36,518 number, 17,408 are new registered Democrats. Republicans only registered 6,000 new voters. And those voters who are either unaffiliated or are “Others” increased by 12,687.

As of Sept. 1, there were 318,991 voters registered as Democrats (compared with a total of 301,583 in 2012) and 188,491 voters registered as Republicans (182,491 in 2012). The number of registered voters under “others” has grown significantly – from 150,874 in 2012 to 163,561.

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