Presidential Debate Open Thread

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Have at it. I have no idea what’s going to happen tonight.

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  1. Delaware Dem says:

    What alcoholic beverage are we partaking in tonight?

  2. pandora says:

    I’m abstaining at the moment. I’m afraid “moderation” might be off the table tonight. 😉

  3. Delaware Dem says:

    Some bourbon is in my future

  4. Prop Joe says:

    I’m drinking a bitter elixir of hopelessness, fear, and despair… Sorta tastes like a warm White Russian.

  5. Delaware Dem says:

    From Vegas! Wagers/Propositions for 1st Clinton/Trump debate:

    Trump will use the term “Crooked Hillary” (Over/Under 3 times -110)

    Trump will blame Clinton campaign for starting birther movement (yes +250/no even)

    Critter on top of Trump’s head will finally say “Fuck this” – see below for visual (yes +125/no even)

    Holt will attempt to equivocate both candidates’ honesty (yes -125/no +125)

    Trump will leave the stage and go to the bathroom, Hillary will state: “Disgusting!” (yes -225/no +125)

    Trump will leave the stage and go straight to limousine waiting at curb (yes even/no -125)

    Jeb Bush will be the limo driver (yes +250/no -225)

    George HW Bush will be waiting in Hillary’s limo after the debate (yes +200/no -200)

    Hillary will make reference to a part of Trump’s anatomy:
    Brain (yes even /no -150)
    Heart (yes even /no -125)
    Hands (yes +250 /no even)

    Either candidate will make gasping or sighing sound (yes +250/no -110)

    Trump will be caught with device to receive counsel from surrogates, located:
    Underneath back of jacket (yes +250/no -110)
    In Ear (yes +250/no -110)
    in Crotch, where he has PLENTY of room to hide many things (yes +250/no -110)

  6. Brian says:

    Guesses on how many people are already passed out from pre-gaming?

  7. puck says:

    My 17 year old son has a bunch of his friends over to watch the debate – all Trump fans. I’m sitting quietly upstairs rewriting my will.

  8. pandora says:

    Is your son a Trump fan? Or just his friends?

  9. puck says:

    All of them, including my own. The kids are alt-right.

  10. Hemi says:

    Hopefully this is interesting. Would’ve been nice to have the other Candidates up on the stage.

  11. nemski says:

    Watching on Bloomberg for the fact checking.

  12. Paula says:

    Thank goodness I am not alone. My mother is upstairs, but I think I would drive her crazy (she has the patience of old age) so I am glad to have snarkier company.

  13. nemski says:

    I don’t know how long I can last.

  14. Brian says:

    Chomping on Rolaids like its my job.

  15. nemski says:

    Trumped-Up Trickle Down – she’s baiting him.

  16. Paula says:

    Is everyone just holding their breath?

  17. pandora says:

    Wow. She’s already got under his skin.

  18. puck says:

    Does Trump have a stuffed up nose or something? I can hear the air rushing in in between sentences.

  19. Brian says:

    The housing collapse is “just business” to Donald.

  20. Paula says:

    The way Trump is sniffing while talking . . . cocaine?
    Also, both of them appear a bit dolled up for the debate. Trump looks pretty good.

  21. cassandra m says:

    The Smart Girl is owning the camera.

  22. Delaware Dem says:

    She is destroying him.

  23. Brian says:

    To those of us who support her, yes she’s owning him. To Trumpeters he’s owning her. That’s what I’m afraid of.

  24. nemski says:

    Holt needs to control this shit.

  25. Paula says:

    Trump is off the rails.

  26. LeBay says:

    >She is destroying him.

    No, she’s not.

    I can’t stand Trump. He’s a charlatan…but Hillary is *not* destroying him, and poor Lester can barely keep up. Lester needs to assert himself.

  27. Brian says:

    OH MAH GOD. The wealthy will create the jobs!!! Why haven’t we tried THAT before?!

  28. puck says:

    Hillary’s arch smile is winding Trump up, hopefully to the breaking point soon.

  29. pandora says:

    Trump is off the rails. He has literally said nothing. He has zero policies. Zero.

    And his interrupting is off the charts.

  30. Paula says:

    At the same time following factcheckorg on Twitter and Bloomberg’s fact check on their site (Bloomberg is tracking international markets at the same time).

  31. AQC says:

    It hurts.

  32. puck says:

    Trump’s sentence structure is breaking down.

  33. Paula says:

    Trump is telling people to “go down to the Federal Elections”?
    Then bragging about his income?

  34. Delaware Dem says:

    He is unhinged. Didn’t take his meds today.

  35. Paula says:

    Is audience cheering or booing mention of e-mails?

  36. pandora says:

    I think there was cheering and booing

  37. Brian says:

    Cheering/booing over him saying he’ll release his returns when Clinton releases her emails.

  38. Paula says:

    Trump looks uncomfortable at this point. Totally silent while HRC conjectures about why he’s not releasing his taxes.

  39. puck says:

    LOL, now Trump is the one getting bogged down in details… about his wealth.

  40. pandora says:

    I have no idea what he’s saying.

  41. Paula says:

    I’m not sure this is going to change anyone’s mind, except the idea that she was a bit “more presidential”

  42. Brian says:

    This isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. People are watching for the fireworks.

  43. pandora says:

    There aren’t many minds left to be changed, but there are some.

  44. cassandra m says:

    Meds? I see people on FB asking how coked up The Donald is.

  45. pandora says:

    Geez, he’s short of breath and sniffling… is this the time to ask about his health?

  46. anonymous says:

    America’s bullshit detector is broken, so a lot of people aren’t even registering that he’s not full of bullshit, but entirely made of it.

  47. Brian says:

    Evaluation of Lester Holt as a moderator?

  48. Paula says:


  49. Brian says:

    Exactly. Why even have him there? Just let the two of them go at it.

  50. puck says:

    Better for Holt to let Trump rant so Hillary can execute her game.

  51. Paula says:

    I like the tactic of letting Trump hang himself.

  52. pandora says:

    OMG! “Anti-police” judge??? WTF is he talking about. Fact check is ass!

  53. Brian says:

    Ok, Lester just got some cred back, calling him on Stop & Frisk.

  54. Paula says:

    Big dismissive sigh from Trump when HRC starts talking about inner cities.

  55. puck says:

    I know crime is down but even for me it’s still hard to believe it.

  56. nemski says:

    Clinton nails “implicit bias”.

  57. Brian says:

    Major props on the implicit bias response from the Secretary.

  58. Paula says:

    This from Bloomberg’s feed:

    Emma O’Brien Global Markets Editor ek_obrien
    The Mexican peso is now up more than 1 percent versus the dollar. S&P 500 Index e-mini futures are gathering pace, currently rising 0.3 percent.

    Angus Nicholson, a market analyst in Melbourne at IG Ltd said the gains in the Mexican peso and U.S. index futures show markets think Clinton is doing well:
    “Trump is largely regarded as a market negative and certainly him doing quite poorly in the debate would reassure a lot of investors. But it’s early days in the debate. Everyone is glued to it. She was getting some good hits on him with regard to tax dodging.”

  59. puck says:

    Trump was rattled by her zinger on being prepared for the Presidency, followed immediately by Holt switching to the birther topic.

  60. Paula says:

    Trump congratulates himself for proving Obama an American. Yay Trump.

  61. puck says:

    Trump could only respond by going into some canned incomprehensible response about Sidney Blumenthal and birth certificates.

  62. Paula says:

    Trump claiming that settling lawsuit with no admission of guilt indicates that there was no wrongdoing. Then why settle?

  63. puck says:

    Trump cites diversity at his FL club… he doesn’t discriminate among rich people

  64. Paula says:

    From Bloomberg:
    Sasha Issenberg Politics Reporter
    Clinton managed to deflect charges about her handling of e-mails quickly, while Trump gets bogged down in minutes-long discussions of birtherism and long-ago federal charges of housing discrimination by his family business. Each time he creates material for follow-up coverage by media on topics he would rather they ignored.

  65. Paula says:

    I wonder if anyone will mishear Trump saying he was just endorced by ICE as I was just endorsed by ISIS.

  66. Brian says:

    Well, to be fair the segment was on race discrimination, not wealth discrimination.

  67. evolvde says:

    Now Drumpf hates fat people too?! Dang.

  68. pandora says:

    LOL, Paula! My son heard the same thing!

  69. Brian says:

    So what’s with the various law enforcement unions endorsing Trump?

  70. Paula says:

    @pandora – Took me a moment!

  71. Paula says:

    NPR is scrolling some kind of voice recognition transcript and annotating it, and it’s pretty hilarious:
    I do want to say that I and I was is endorsed and there’ll be — animal in general endorse me to leave this country. That does happen, and many more coming. And I’m very proud of it. In addition, I was is endorsed by ice. Would never endorse anybody before — an immigration. I was just endorsed by ice. I was as recently it was but five hundred sixty thousand border patrol agencies. So when Secretary Clinton talked about this, I mean, I think I’m herbals.

  72. Paula says:

    Would you want to negotiate with this guy? He’s like an old roommate of mine who would come home late after a party and talk loud at me.

  73. puck says:

    Nothing on The Wall or immigration so far.. maybe now with 3 minutes left

  74. pandora says:

    He’s worse than Palin.

  75. Brian says:

    Does anyone remember what really started the power vacuum in Iraq?

  76. Paula says:

    Would be great if they just stopped the broadcast while Trump is talking. Like when you’re talking on the phone and it cuts out and you don’t notice.

  77. Paula says:

    Go, girl!

  78. Brian says:

    So according to Trump the president does two things: Trade deals, and trade deals.

  79. Brian says:

    Rosie O’Donnell? Did that just happen?!

  80. Paula says:

    Old dude on NPR says Hillary Clinton not likeable. Really? No comment on Trump in this regard.

  81. Lester Holt was pathetic. (I cheated and watched the last 45 minutes.) He should have kept repeating the questions to Trump and demanding answers instead of permitting those stump speeches.

  82. Paula says:

    @PolitiFact is still fact-checking on Twitter.
    I can’t believe even on PBS they are discussing Clinton’s likeability! Thank goodness Gwen Ifil just mentioned Trump and likeability, but the men all dismissed the question, saying of course he’s not. So why should she be held to that standard?

  83. Paula says:

    Puck, Brian, thanks for the constant company!

  84. Brian says:

    This right here should be enough for anyone who’s in [what’s left of] the middle and working classes. I was one of the 9 million.

    CLINTON: In fact, Donald was one of the people who rooted for the housing crisis. He said, back in 2006, “Gee, I hope it does collapse, because then I can go in and buy some and make some money.” Well, it did collapse.

    TRUMP: That’s called business, by the way.

    CLINTON: Nine million people — nine million people lost their jobs. Five million people lost their homes. And $13 trillion in family wealth was wiped out.

  85. Liberal Elite says:

    I thought that Hillary did a really good job of putting the email scandal behind her… just apologize, and apologize again.

    With that “scandal” seemingly dissipating, is this the end of the cycle of bad news for her?

    Let’s hope that Trump gets his overdue turn with more cycles of bad news.

  86. Liberal Elite says:

    Oh… And the presidential prediction markets just took a nice big jump in Hillary’s direction. And so the apparent collective assessment of people with money on the line is that Hillary won the debate, big time.

  87. Dana Garrett says:

    Clinton came across as smart and competent and lacking any psychiatric dysfunction that would make her presidency dysfunctional. Not any stellar lines, however.

    Trump is a functioning psychotic. The first 1/3 of the debate Trump was coherent without being persuasive. The last 2/3s of the debate he sank deeper into incoherence. Hillary was steady throughout. She assured the nation that she won’t do anything impulsive and catustrophically dangerous. She won because she ran a race against someone with significant intellectual and emotional handicaps. But she wasn’t inspiring.

  88. Well, she’s not. But she was able to draw out the Trump who was unfit to be President. So she debated brilliantly.

  89. chris says:

    Love how Trump dimed out Wasserman Schultz and crooked DNC for cooking race for Clinton in the released Russian hacked emails..

  90. Paula says:

    Next time maybe they could turn off the mic of the person not supposed to be speaking as well as when the moderator is asking questions. I think that if the candidates are warned in advance it would be fair.

  91. Liberal Elite says:

    @c “Love how Trump dimed out Wasserman…”

    Dimed out??? What planet are you from? This was one of his FAIL moments in the debate. He sounded like an lunatic.

    “…for cooking race for Clinton…”

    Never happened. The “cooking” occurred AFTER Sanders had already lost the race. Looking for a strategy to push a loser off the stage is not the same as “cooking the race”.

  92. puck says:

    “Looking for a strategy to push a loser off the stage ”

    The refs don’t get to pick the loser until the game is over.

  93. Brian says:

    paula, if you believe some of Trump’s fans this morning Holt interrupting him to try and keep him on topic was just evidence of Holt’s bias against him. Liberal media and all that. Even though Holt is a registered Republican.

  94. puck says:

    Holt did a good job letting Trump ramble but cutting him off when it was time for the next question. Also good that there were no questions about The Wall/immigration or Hillary’s damn emails, which would have been a time sink. Anderson Cooper will be sure to ask those.

  95. Brian says:

    Mike Pence is on CBS This Morning praising Donald Trump because he ‘showed restraint’ and ‘the kind of temperament you want to see in a president” in refusing to bring up “certain” things that happened with President Clinton in 1990s. “We all lived through the 90s, we know what happened”.

    Uh. So, he IS aware that 1. Bill Clinton’s personal life has zip to do with Hillary’s campaign or ability to be president? 2. His running mate is on his, what, 3rd marriage after cheating on his first 2 wives?

    Like what the hell is going on? Completely out of touch with reality.

  96. Ben says:

    Puck, there was an email question which she answered directly … I’ll try and find it.

  97. mouse says:

    I want to hear more about Rosie O’Donnell in presidential debates