The News Journal Endorses Eugene Young for Mayor!

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I wasn’t sure if the NJ would even endorse this year given that the field never winnowed. But between the debates they sponsored and the poll they did on this race, the NJ did a good job n trying to engage the community outside of their pages. But the News Journal officially endorsed Eugene Young for Mayor of Wilmington. Go read their entire endorsement.

Wilmington does not need, nor should it expect, its next mayor to have all of the answers. Rather, the city and its residents need somebody who will build bridges, working tirelessly to unite neighborhood, business, non-profit, educational and law enforcement interests under a singular vision: To make Wilmington a safe and prosperous community for all residents.

Ask yourself this: Which candidate will bring a truly fresh perspective and new energy toward leading our city?

We believe Eugene Young is the only one of the Democratic candidates who fits that bill.

In this very fragmented mayoral race, one in which a hundred votes one way or another could tip the scales, it is critical that voters who sincerely want a better Wilmington unite behind Young.

That’s about as far as fair use will let me go, but I’m glad that they see his unique set of experiences as a way to start the rebirth of Wilmington. I certainly see that and is why I already voted for him.

The future of our city depends on your vote for Eugene next Tuesday. Now is our time!


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"You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas." -Shirley Chisholm

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  1. pandora says:

    I’m absolutely thrilled! Go Eugene!


  2. chris says:

    This just proves the local rag has really lost it…much like their dwindling circulation.

  3. Turk 184 says:

    Kelley has the pulse of the streets. He will win, not some carpetbagger!

  4. pandora says:

    With every comment I feel better and better!

  5. Nik Everett says:

    Eugene is the one for our city and no carpetbagger!!

  6. Michelle says:

    Eugene is far from a carpetbagger; he has ran a respectable and professional campaign. Give him a chance!

  7. Hmm says:

    Please explain how someone who was born and raised in Delaware is a carpet bagger. GO!

  8. AQC says:

    Who did the News Journal endorse in 2012?

  9. the other anonymous says:

    No real qualifications; this would be a disaster to the city of Wilmington, DE.
    How much was Young’s budget?
    How many people did he manage?
    What is his background negotiating contracts?
    How has he worked with business leaders?
    What experience does he have with Land use and zoning codes?
    What is his hiring experience?

    “He’s surrounded himself with a great team.” This looks just like something we’ve seen before.

    Wilmington needs real leadership, someone who was not just sitting on the sidelines.

  10. cassandra m says:

    AQC — I don’t remember if the NJ endorsed in 2012. I think that they didn’t but am not sure.

  11. Dorian Gray says:

    That’s what we need, TOA, an expert on zoning ordinances & contracts. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before! When I reflect on great political leaders of the past the first characteristic that springs to mind is success in real estate… heavily subsidized success.*

    (*N.B. Success is measured by the quarterly increase in the value of Rob Puccini’s brokerage account. Not to be confused with the common definition.)

  12. Ben says:

    “He’s surrounded himself with a great team.” This looks just like something we’ve seen before.”…….

    Yup. From Barack Obama.

  13. the other anonymous says:

    Like usual…….crickets, can’t answer the tough questions!

  14. More like ‘Don’t feed the trolls’. By now, we are all too familiar with the phony tactic of ‘answer the straw questions that I throw out there, or you’re all full of shit’.

    Over the years, we’ve learned that whoever tosses out the questions is invariably full of shit. And a troll.

  15. the other anonymous says:

    @EL. I don’t understand. Why NOT, answer the questions. maybe, someone else is sitting on the fence, thinking the same thing. But, all you can do is call someone a troll. Your so defensive!
    There are serious problems in Wilmington; the killings, drugs, jobs, education. But, you can’t take the time to help others, understand Mr. Young’s background.

  16. commonsense says:

    Two things:

    1. “There are serious problems in Wilmington; the killings, drugs, jobs, education.” And you are asking questions about zoning codes.

    2. “You’re so defensive.” FTFY

  17. “But, you can’t take the time to help others, understand Mr. Young’s background.”


    And wrong. I took the time to meet him and we spent an hour or so discussing his vision for Wilmington. He is one of the most thoughtful and impressive candidates I’ve ever met.

    But thanks for playing.

  18. AQC says:

    I’m not against Eugene, but I am for Kevin. If one of these guys wins I hope they bring the other into their administration.

  19. I totally agree, AQC. They are both unifying forces, and I think their skill sets would mesh well.

    It’s tough, however, to get over a loss real quickly, so it’s not necessarily a slam dunk.

  20. the other anonymous says:

    @EL, Sorry. I work 2 jobs. So, I cannot afford the opportunity to go out and meet the candidates, like your able to do. So, in spare time I look for answers to questions, that might be important to me and maybe others in making my decision. I can’t find the answers anywhere, so DL supports and backs Mr. Young. But, still you can’t HELP someone.

    @Commonsense..Yes, Zoning is an issue and you or the next mayor need to understand it. Great article on the issue from our neighbor to the north.

  21. the other anonymous says:

    So Young states; “I wholeheartedly support the implementation of the 114 recommendations of the Wilmington Public Safety Strategies Commission.”
    – According to the News Journal; 71% of the 111 recommendations have already been implemented.

    This is from Delawareonline’s voter guide, more specifically under Mr. Young’s accolades:

    Really? I think this was done by the United Way of Delaware, maybe he supports this, which we all should. But, don’t piggy back on something you did not do.
    And in the video a number of the candidates were there!

  22. cassandra m says:

    But, don’t piggy back on something you did not do.

    And you shouldn’t talk about what you don’t know about.

    Eugene found a funder who would finance his idea of providing books to Wilmington kids. The funder had one condition — you have to find a match for the funds. That is where the United Way came in. The United Way would have never been involved in this if Eugene had not brought this idea to them. Plenty of candidates showed up for the photo op, but none of them were involved with conceptualizing this thing, finding the funding or the ability to get these books into these kids hands.

    This is the kind of thing he has done regularly. And can do on a broader scale here. Because he doesn’t mind talking to people, doesn’t mind bringing like minded people together and helping these people to do great things. If you are a neighborhood person in Wilmington working with your neighbors to enhance your surroundings, Eugene Young will know how to partner with you. Unlike the current or even prior administrations.

  23. AAuen says:

    I’m so excited that younger candidates are running for office! From school board to mayor I think it’s important to note candidates from younger generations are running!

  24. citydems says:

    Given the alternatives – with a half the oncoming city council political newbies- with a new leadership as President, a new Treasurer, —- with 3 of the 4 at large new council people (Loretta in) except for the real potential of experienced and knowledgeable Sam Guy taking one of those seats- sorry El – your choice doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  25. chris says:

    He’s like Corey Booker, who he drove for…a lot of smoke and mirrors…see the story Politico did when they went back to Booker’s city after he left? Check it out..Most of the initiatives had gone away and corporate support gone. A lot of this is self promotional stuff…Kevin Kelley gives Wilmington the best shot to move forward!

  26. Yo, Citydems, you gave yourself away with “… except for the real potential of experienced and knowledgeable Sam Guy taking one of those seats.”

    Sam Guy is a leech. That’s why Tom Gordon is paying him. I feel better about my support for Eugene Young every day.

    Chris-I LIKE Kevin Kelley. But your pathetic smear of Young does neither him nor you any favors.

    I’m ready for this election to be over. If for no other reason than to send the trolls back to wherever trolls hang out when they’re not trolling.

  27. cassandra m says:

    Sam Guy is front and center in the Williams campaign to scare voters because white people may govern this city again. None of them doing this — including Sam — appreciate the irony of their position. If they had spent more time actually running this city well, they wouldn’t need to take to Channel 28 to scare people. This is not the behavior of either the experienced or knowledgeable.

    We can count Chris as one of the uninformed voters who still haven’t gotten past the Williams’ crew smears about Eugene. Hope you are happy doing the Williams’ campaign work for them, chris. Or are at least getting paid.

  28. anonymous says:

    Sam Guy is more evidence — as if more were needed — that black “leaders” in Wilmington think all they have to do to earn respect is punch the time clock long enough.

  29. Mikey P says:

    Sam Guy’s a waste.

  30. Prophet Paul David Warren says:

    E. Young first choice , k. young , thrid choose, Dennis

    E. Young will be Wilmington next Mayor and will work with Kevin , to bring a fresh innovative approach to the NEW WILMINGTON , DEL . Dennis has indeed achieved much as Mayor and his long effective and winsome record in the legislative branch with some 14-17 victories . And would be effective still more if re-elected . Would not be at all surprised if he should run again in 2020 . I love my city , and look to return this fall to begin a non profit work with the city and community . I was a Wilmington Fire Fighter , class of 78 .