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In most Blue States, the usual source of Democratic progressive governing is from its major cities. The Editors of Delaware Liberal have often lamented the fact that Delaware’s biggest city has been lacking in a more progressive political vision at pretty much every level. There’s one candidate in Wilmington’s Mayoral race who is finally advocating a comprehensive progressive vision for governing Wilmington — a vision that is inclusive of the entire city, that is committed to bringing city government practices into the 21st century and will start the work to tackle some of the social justice issues that damage and hold back some of our communities. Delaware Liberal is proud to endorse Eugene Young for Mayor of Wilmington.

Eugene is a native Wilmingtonian, who went away to college and returned to his community to focus on helping to find solutions to improve this community. Even though he could likely go to work anywhere, Eugene choose the path of public service and social entrepreneurship — creating Delaware Elite and joining the Center for Justice as Advocacy Director to focus on developing and implementing solutions that started to mentor some of our most at-risk teens into college and in correcting some of justice obstacles that unfairly hold back some of our citizens. He worked for Representative Helene Keeley and Representative Stephanie Bolden, addressing constituent issues from helping to deal with vacant property issues, to working with neighborhood groups to get resources to support development projects, to working with the City to define and address their yearly legislative and budget needs from the State. While working for Cory Booker, he had a front row seat to Booker’s legendary campaign to overcome Newark’s entrenched and corrupt machine politics to become the Mayor of a city that finally took back its future and is still at work to stabilize its neighborhoods and grow its economy. When Mayor Booker became Senator Booker, Young was charged with working with Senator Booker’s state-wide constituents to help them to get the Federal resources, the legislative support and private sector help to address their priorities.

This is an impressive resume for a young progressive, a resume filled with the kinds of demonstrated and successful leadership focused on bringing together the right people to develop and implement the kind of solutions that build communities; a resume will attract some of the best and brightest leaders and entrepreneurs who want to be a part of creating a government that takes advantage of technology and new ideas to better serve Wilmingtonians, and a resume that has given him a network of other leaders and experts who are also working at changing their own corners of the world. It is difficult to see if you aren’t working on this campaign, but if Eugene Young can bring to Wilmington government the kind of energy and expertise that he has built into this campaign, we have great hopes for Wilmington’s future.

Eugene is running as a change agent — and he has been greatly pressured by the city’s status quo to stand down and wait his turn. They told him that no one knew him, and Eugene spent the past year knocking on doors all over the city. They told him that he couldn’t raise any money and when this is all done, he will have raised almost 100K for his campaign and his PAC — mostly from small-dollar donors. They told him that no one would vote for him and he’s functionally tied in a close race now. Eugene has done this the old fashioned way — by meeting voters where they are, talking with them about their issues and asking for their votes. As a commenter here once observed, Eugene has been building his own army, voter by voter, volunteer by volunteer. If you live in Wilmington, you’ll know how radical this is. All too often, Wilmington politicians win because they turn out enough of “their people” to be able to get past the winner post.

The cynical effort to push Eugene into “waiting his turn” tells you what Wilmington’s leadership thinks of the city they’ve been running for more than 30 years. They aren’t interested in a powerful and inclusive vision, they aren’t interested in trying to fix the city’s ills, they aren’t interested in promoting its young leaders and ideas and they aren’t interested in government that works for more than their own cronies and friends. Eugene has ignored the people who have been in the driver’s seat as the City has been struggling with the kinds of issues that our big city neighbors have made progress in solving. He has conducted an energetic and honorable campaign, giving us hope for a new culture in government and in city politics.

Wilmington is at a tipping point. Violence, chronic unemployment, structural financial issues, declining property values, an educational system not up to serving all of its students, and a government that is less responsive than it should be to its citizens we all know about. But there’re hopeful signs too — a young entrepreneurial class that wants to be in Wilmington building businesses; a population that is very concerned about the fate of its young people; successes in developing the Riverfront and downtown with nascent development in east Wilmington and the Creative District; a group of young creatives who want to take advantage of the real value of this city to live and play in Wilmington.

Being the Mayor of Wilmington is a tough job. We need someone who will respect that difficulty and who will show up every day focused on delivering solutions that will help this city take its rightful place as Delaware’s leading city. We need someone who won’t be bound by “what we’ve always done” and who has seen what works close up. We need someone whose leadership style will encourage people to join him in tackling the tough issues. We need Eugene Young for Mayor.

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"You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas." -Shirley Chisholm

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  1. Delaware Dem says:

    Hear! Hear! My only regret is that I do not live within the city limits so that I could vote for him.

  2. Bane says:

    I do live in the city and voting for Eugene is the only reason I’m excited about election day.

  3. Jason330 says:

    Delaware needs a healthy and strong Wilmington. Even though I don’t live in the city I can see that this is a race I should be involved in so today I’m putting in $100.01


    If you are a DL reader and decide to help out, add the extra 1 cent so they know it came from here.

  4. Brian says:

    Ditto to what DelDem said. I can’t vote for him, but I can contribute to his campaign.

    Edit: Upon reading Jason’s comment, added a $0.01 to my donation.

  5. pandora says:

    Thank you guys so much for the donations! If you don’t live in the city, but would like to help please volunteer. Right now we are looking for additional canvassers, phone bankers, etc. – especially on Primary Day (September 13th). If you can lend a hand email volunteer@eugeneyoungformayor.com

  6. CarolT says:

    I do live in the city and am thrilled to be able to vote for Eugene. I don’t know (or understand) the “wait your turn” politics of this state, and I vote with my heart. Eugene Young’s heart is with this city and we need him!

  7. SussexWatcher says:

    He’s not executive director at the Center for Justice. He’s advocacy director.

  8. Lash Larue says:

    Watching yesterday’s “debate” it’s obvious the mayor is a comtemptuous man-child and represents the worst of what politics/politicians have/has to offer. Definitely time for a change.

  9. Franny Black says:

    Proud and excited to vote for Eugene Young. His vision and energy, and that of the impressive team he’s assembled, promise a new Wilmington for everyone.

  10. Njideka Wiggins says:

    I also proudly endorse Eugene Young for Mayor! He represents change, progression, compassion and commitment along with an energy and vision that is both inviting and infectious. He is a teambuilder and demonstrates all the qualifications of an effective mayor!

  11. JackH says:

    Ironic that the so called outsider seems to be drawing most of his “unforeseen” fundraising from “people who live outside the city but wish they could vote”. This is a joke and seriously concerning for someone who was born in the city and still lives here today and first hand sees the issues that sorround us. Apart from the clear lack of journalistic integrity to endorse a candidate on an organization supposed to be for “Delaware liberals”. Clearly we need a change, but why does that mean voting for someone with zero experience leading any organizations apart from a basketball organization and sitting on the sidelines of others? Maybe we should look to vote for someone with a proven record of actually getting things accomplished for the city both private sector, philanthropically in blighted communities, as well as holding public office may be a smarter pick? I clearly have another candidate in my own opinion but for the sake of the city read through the candidates credentials and accomplishments and decide for yourself instead of voting for someone who is young, enthusiastic and clearly well intended to someone who can accomplish and solve this issues that we need done.

  12. liberalgeek says:

    Thanks for stopping by Mayor Williams!

  13. pandora says:

    LOL! I think JackH is a Purzycki guy.

    As a lifelong city resident, as well, I have no problem with the Riverfront, altho I rarely go there and it really did nothing to help the struggling communities surrounding it. It’s like a park and walk area, which is fine, but not really my idea of revitalizing the city and its neighborhoods. I’d rather not expand on that model.

  14. cassandra_m says:

    Yes, well I do live in the city and have no intention of voting for someone who can blow through so much money with little to show for it. Seriously — the City can’t survive someone who can be that profligate. But it’s developer behavior, right? Your costs are passed on to others so who cares what gets spent?

  15. anonymous says:

    Purzycki is paying actual salaries to some of his staff, so that’s part of the expenditure.

    I have no doubt that Mike Purzycki COULD do the job if he were committed to it, but he is running like someone who does not WANT the job. He had to be begged to enter the race, and he’s acted like an arrogant ass ever since. Emphasizing that you talked Republicans into switching parties is not going to help you win a Democratic primary.

    This off-putting attitude has put Kelley in the driver’s seat.

  16. AQC says:

    I like Eugene, but I’m supporting Kevin. I just think he’s more prepared.

  17. Bane says:

    Much of the state resources the Mayor will be looking to tap will come from taxpayers outside of the city. All of Wilmington’s schools are controlled by districts which operate outside of the city.All of Wilmington’s schools are controlled by district which operate outside of the city.

    If you can’t generate devotion outside of the city, you will fail within it.

  18. Brian says:

    Jack, whether you believe it or not, we all support the city in multiple direct and indirect ways. Every Delawarean should have a vested interest in how things are going in Wilmington.

  19. KJ says:

    So just out of curiosity, what is a plausible path to victory for Eugene? Not sure where in the city Eugene could pick up 3000 votes let alone the probably 4000 needed to win

  20. It is estimated by several people that the turnout for the primary will be about 12,000 voters. If all eight candidates received an equal share of the votes it would be12.5% per candidate. It is reasonable to believe that the bottom 4 candidates will receive approximately 20% or 2,400 votes combined leaving 9, 600 votes to be divided among the remaing 4 . Or an average of 20% per candidate . In all likelihood the winner will have about 23% or 2760. It could go into the low 3000 s.
    How does Eugene win? Most of the candidates are focusing on a geographic base of 1 or 2 districts. Eugene has run a citywide campaign building a base in each district. He could come in 2nd in most of the districts and win easily

  21. JackH says:

    Yet again, I find it ironic I was attacked for “gaspgasp” suggestions that people read about the candidates accomplishments?? as that would fairly clearly be an indication of a candidates effectiveness in office? It just seems as if these endorsements could easily have been paid for by the candidates? Hm which candidates have PAC’s?

  22. Bane says:

    All candidates who have PAC have already filed those reports. You can go check them for payoffs if you’d like Jack. Or you can just continue pulling crap out of your rectum.

  23. KJ says:

    Thanks Paul for the information. Will take that into consideration. Just wanted to see a viable plan for how Eugene could possibly beat the mayor with his base in the 1st, or the Kelley with his base in the 6th or Purzycki with the backing of Brady and Freel. Would love more info on how Eugene could do that.

  24. Yo, Jack H. I was in complete support of our decision to support Eugene Young b/c he is one of the most impressive candidates I’ve ever met. And I’ve met lots of candidates.

    I think he could inspire the city as mayor, and that’s something that would serve the city well.

  25. chris says:

    Kelley got 28% of the vote last time and is working the streets hard. He is the favorite to win this thing second time around. He has support in all areas of the city and great appeal due to years of experience and hard work.

  26. JackH says:

    I was more making a joke of how the “young outsider” happens to have a PAC as was noted in the article. Also, I’m sorry to hear that you are “anti voters researching candidates credentials.. Seem to fit well with the PAC joke, clearly I’m not seriously suggesting that although it’s concerning that no opposing viewpoints would be made suggesting very little reason to take the endorsement or journalism seriously.

  27. pandora says:

    Are you new here? City issues/politics/candidates are discussed fairly frequently. I have no idea why you’re assuming we haven’t researched candidates, spoken with them, informed ourselves about their policies/positions, attended debates, etc.. Stop making assumptions. Thanks.

  28. The other anonymous says:

    Really surprised at this “vote” from DL. Eugene is probably a very nice gentleman and he has a nice resume, but not a leadership resume AND that is what we need in the city!
    Kevin Kelly was the Director of the Division of Management Services. He over saw a $2.4 billion budget. And he ran different departments. So, he has a background of hiring team leaders, to work towards a common goal.

    Eugene has none of that. Worked for Corey Booker as an aide.

    Wilmington has a lot of problems; jobs, drugs, police/citizen relationship, companies leaving the city. It’s a mess. We don’t need someone, without SOME proven experience and ability.

  29. JackH says:

    Again, to condense the purpose of my original comment. People should be reading about the differences between candidates accomplishments and credentials instead of basing their decision off how driven or well intentioned someone with zero experience in anything related to running the city would be. And I’m not here to say “vote for the candidate that I like I just think it’s a bit foolish to make a baseless endorsement and endorsements on websites that are supposed to be for news for “Delaware liberals” as I understood this website to be, instead of loplonk through the facts.

  30. JackH says:

    Like if I say this in a more polite form, as again I am frustrated yet not intending to be rude. ….why not write a piece showing the differences between all the candidates and what their reasons for thinking qualifies them are? As saying Eugene only no one else only seems to hand the election to the mayor as it seems clear Eugene cannot achieve the support to win the election. Why not help people make an informed decision even if it isn’t Eugene?

  31. JackH says:

    My motivation is that it is clear that the current Mayor is not the solution for the city that we need as he has demonstrated.

  32. pandora says:

    Why not admit that you are new here, JackH? Those pieces you’re calling for have been written. I’ll start you off here (October 2015) but I’m not going to link to every post on the mayoral race – because there are a LOT.

  33. Franny Black says:

    JackH there have been several pieces published here discussing the candidates and their varied credentials and performance in debates etc.–you may want to seek them out. This endorsement comes after of months of analyzing the candidates.

  34. JackH says:

    I am new here, but again it’s troubling to encourage support of someone whose not in the top 4, essentially giving votes to the mayor. Enjoyed the linked piece but why not continue that platform?

  35. pandora says:

    Are you for real? I started you off with a link – there are many more posts on this election/candidates on this site. If you took two seconds to do a flippin’ search on this site you’d find the articles you are saying don’t exist. That platform did exist. Stop asking us to do what we already did.

    And Eugene is definitely in the top four.

  36. jackh says:

    So your saying that you won’t explain why candidates have better credentials than others in you’re endorsements? The article had no reference and clearly Eugene is a cool well intentioned young man, however his complete lack of any experience experience in leadership in an organization makes it clear why you didn’t mention it. Also scrolling through your articles there are no such articles.

  37. Rufus Y. Kneedog says:

    Any one of the 7 challengers would be better than the incumbent, I’ll even give Marshall that much credit. That said, Marshall, Griffiths, & Gregory should leave the race immediately and endorse Young, Kelley or Purzycki. Give Cabrera another week maybe, she has been better in the debates. It worries me greatly that we could wind up with 4 more years of the incumbent being swept into office with 3,500 votes and that’s the way this looks to be setting up.

  38. cassandra_m says:

    Also scrolling through your articles there are no such articles.

    So now you are just trolling. Pandora provided you with a link to one article and now you can’t be bothered to search for the others. Which I can tell you didn’t even read, much less look for.

    So your saying that you won’t explain why candidates have better credentials than others in you’re endorsements?

    We’re saying that we think that Eugene Young has the credentials, experience and vision that we want for Wilmington. You are free to make the case for others, but if you want to have a different endorsement you’ll need to start your own blog. Good Luck.

  39. Bane says:

    Personally, I think it’s exciting to have a young candidate, who is not rich, be able to raise more money (in both pac and committee) than people who have been in office for 30 years. Acting as though that is somehow a negative further shows how the culture of our elected officials needs an overhaul. Looking at these reports, in both pacs and committees, Kevin, Eugene, Purzycki, and the Mayor did the most.

    I spoke with a good friend of mine who is close to the Young Campaign and is really big in state politics and his quote to me was eye opening.

    “Of course Mike has the most money, he also blew the most. Salaries, Office Space, utilities. Its 2016, with WiFi, cell phones, and, you know, the new millenia upon us, you should not have to waste money in a 10 mile city on HQ space for an entire year. Eugene has been using the homes of supporters and volunteers which saves thousands of dollars and is a grassroots strategy. Not only that, but strategically, these campaign sub-stations make the campaign accessible to every neighborhood in the city. Regardless of how much has been raised to this point, Mike and Eugene have the same amount of cash on hand and according to the polls I’ve seen, they are still neck and neck, however Eugene has way more volunteers for a strong GOTV effort. I consider that a win for Eugene’s strategy in comparison”

    I never thought about it like this. Another example of not only running the best campaign in the state, but also having some of the smartest people in the room.

    Eugene and Kevin have broad support on their finance reports. Mike is mostly supported by businesses and Republicans. And our Mayor is mostly funded by his staff and their families. You want to know how a person will run the city, look at how they are running their campaign.

  40. Haha says:

    So our city has been in a slow demise under the leadership of all these candidates other than Young. He can bring a unique perspective to the status quo which has not really served us well until this point. I think most of the candidates are reasonable people but they have had their shot for the last 30 years and been flat out unsuccessful. They all have experience in screwing up the city. Fairly certain Einstein’s famous quote applies here.

  41. Irwin Fletcher says:

    Those who supported Mayor Williams 4 years ago said he had energy, enthusiasm, what it takes, etc etc etc… Personalities aside many of the adjectives used to describe Eugene were used to describe Dennis. I’d like to give Eugene more credit than that, but the fact is he lacks the necessary experience to make that decision. It’s nice of Paul Calistro to suggest Eugene can finish second in most city council districts and easily win, but that’s just inaccurate.

    DL’s writers and commenters almost religious protection of all things Eugene is what turns off DL readers who don’t have Eugene as our first choice. Per JackH’s comments about a candidate’s qualifications, DL never argued reason for Eugene being the best candidate. Cassandra told you he is and most qualified and many believe it because he has “energy” or “good intention” or “what it takes” or some other baloney.

    anonymous, do your worst. I know you’ve been waiting all day.

  42. anonymous says:

    “Personalities aside many of the adjectives used to describe Eugene were used to describe Dennis.”

    Bullshit of the highest order. Nobody I heard or read said anything of the sort about Williams. All they said was that his law enforcement background should prove helpful with public safety. They were wrong. Nobody outside the Potters’ circle has ever pretended Dennis Williams had anything but a volatile temper.

    “Many people said” is about as Trumpian a line of bullshit as you’ll ever hear. Unless, of course, you’re going to back it up with links.

    “It’s nice of Paul Calistro to suggest Eugene can finish second in most city council districts and easily win, but that’s just inaccurate.”

    It is? Why? Because you say so?

    “DL’s writers and commenters almost religious protection of all things Eugene is what turns off DL readers who don’t have Eugene as our first choice.”

    Who gives a fuck if you’re “turned off”? This isn’t a for-profit operation. Get back behind the stove and fluff your candidate on your own blog.

  43. Dorian Gray says:

    Personally I care more about priorities than experience. Now if Young was simply light on intellectual capacity or had absolutely zero public policy background, that’s a different story… but that’s not the case is it? One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over 20+ years in the private sector (hiring, firing and managing people) and nearly 30 years closely following politics is that “experience” is subjective and usually vastly overrated. (In other words, “baloney.”) Depends on the job of course, but in this case I’m fine with Young’s CV.

    On priorities, I know what Young’s are and how they differ from the other candidates. Hence, I’m voting for Eugene Young.

  44. Bane says:

    Nobody ever said anything like that about Williams… Energetic? They said he barely campaigned. Potter’s team did that for him. He would have dropped out the race all together had Potter not announced for his house seat and boxed him in. Enthusiasm? He ran on the idea that he “Wasn’t huggin thugs”….

    Williams ran on experience. 20 years in the legislature, Chair of Joint Finance, former police officer. He ran on the same “experience” that every other candidate is repackaging and selling this year. Pay attention.

  45. cassandra_m says:

    Rick Jensen was Williams’ biggest cheerleader and I’m not certain that even he called Williams’ energetic.

    There were few people here who were Williams fans and those that showed up didn’t stay very long. I was definitely telling everyone that the Emporer Had No Clothes and was actively cheerleading for Kelley.

    It’s nice of Paul Calistro to suggest Eugene can finish second in most city council districts and easily win, but that’s just inaccurate.

    Then show your homework, just like Paul did. Otherwise you are talking out of your ass.

    The only reason that you are turned off, Irwin, is that we can see through your BS. You are still the guy who wanted us to believe that David Grimaldi would be running for 4th District City Council. As for everyone else, we get plenty of readers every day, so there’s something folks are interested in.

  46. Irwin
    Today Kevin Kelley and I spoke he disagreed on the winner but believed my general assumptions on turn out and percentages are accurate. The original question from KJ was what is Eugene’s plausible pathway. I gave it. This race is only between a few candidates. The question you should ponder is who is most organized? Who has the resources needed to make the difference needed? How much will finances play in the race?
    You already know my subjective opinion. But I will close with a very objective opinion. I have worked on a lot of campaigns over the last 40 years . I have never seen an organization with this kind of depth, expertise and numbers.

  47. Jack says:

    Paul, Then why have the polls so poorly inaccurately exaggerated his lack of support to be a feasible candidate to win? From what you said makes it sound like the young man would be killing it in the polls. Just because you say he has a good chance of winning doesn’t make that a fact.

  48. Jack says:

    What concerns me most about this thread is that it seems pretty blatantly obvious that Eugene is the least qualified by a mile. The current mayor would still be better, and that’s saying something. Maybe we should make decisions on who we vote for rationally instead of emotionally voting for the cooler candidate..

  49. Dorian Gray says:

    If, by your calculations, you deem Williams a better option than Young, you should probably recheck your work before submitting it.

  50. The other anonymous says:

    Can someone point out what the budget was for SURJ the program that Mr. Young ran?
    SURJ.org is now a foreign site.

    He is charismatic, but lacks the experience and leadership.

    @ Cass what “credentials, experience?” Does he have? I even went to his website….NOTHING. I think he’s a nice guy, just don’t see the background….show us, please.

    Please, tell us what he has done, as it relates to running a city, that is in a turmoil.

  51. Jack says:

    Williams has run the city and has actually experienced the job since he currently holds it. Clearly he’s not ideal, nor do I support him but why would replacing someone with less experience then someone whose doing a bad job make any rational sense. He would just drive the city further downwards since he has no experience to base any of the decisions that he would be put in place to make. It’s offensive to me honestly that people can just dance around endorsing someone like this to lead my city. He has no experience doing anything relaxant to qualify him to do this job, we need someone to fix our issues not just throwing Hail Marys at a young jock whose gotten his support for being the most hip candidate. I have yet for someone to give me any logical rundown of why Young would be better than the 7 or so other candidates and I think that’s because there’s very little to say other than complimenting Eugene for being a nice guy.

  52. cassandra m says:

    Well, if you refuse to read what is in front of you, I can’t help you. But pretending that no one has made a good case for Eugene Young isn’t going to get you seen as a thoughtful commenter here. If you don’t like what you read, then say that, but don’t pretend that a good, logical case hasn’t been made.

  53. anonymous says:

    “why would replacing someone with less experience then someone whose doing a bad job make any rational sense.”

    Dennis Williams was a city cop until he was drummed off the force, for what we never have been told. He was a state legislator for more than a decade yet took office unaware of the size of his city’s budget. Clearly “experience” matters only if you have learned something. Dennis the Menace clearly did not.

    If you look at the Experienced 7, you can’t really make a case for any of them except Kevin Kelley — and he was so widely admired (not) that the Buccini-Pollin people saw fit to run the charisma-less Bill Montgomery as a spoiler, handing the office to Williams. And Williams, of the three, had the most and most varied relevant experience.

    The only arena in which Young’s lack of experience will hurt him is in contract negotiations with the police and fire unions. The past four years have demonstrated that the police union, in particular, does not take orders from the mayor, whoever it is.

    We have the largest per-capita police force in the nation except for Chicago’s; out of 300 officers we put only 22 on the street most nights. The mayor has resisted for two years releasing the time sheets that would show where all these police are deployed and when.

    If you’re trying to make the case for experience, you’re going to have to explain away Dennis Williams.

  54. the other anonymous says:

    @ Cass. Still have not answered my question. How much was Young’s budget?
    How many people did he manage?
    What is his background negotiating contracts?
    How has he worked with business leaders?
    What experience does he have with Land use and zoning codes?
    What is his hiring experience?
    He’s getting money from outside the city, from people who have nothing to do with Delaware or Someone who wants control from the outside.

    Again, you have nothing……..

  55. cassandra_m says:

    He’s getting money from outside the city, from people who have nothing to do with Delaware or Someone who wants control from the outside.

    The Williams paranoia. I was waiting for this. Because if Williams could have raised the kind of money that Eugene did, you’d call it a tribute to his leadership that people all over the country want to support him.

    Consider your questions answered. There are those of us who want more from Wilmington than the usual okie doke on offer. Clearly you aren’t one of them.

  56. the other anonymous says:

    Still avoiding the questions……….
    How much was Young’s budget?
    How many people did he manage?
    What is his background negotiating contracts?
    How has he worked with business leaders?
    What experience does he have with Land use and zoning codes?
    What is his hiring experience?

  57. cassandra_m says:

    Definitely answered. And he hasn’t negotiated any contracts that the other party had to take him to arbitration for or had to picket him over. And in the Chamber straw poll for Mayor, Eugene came in second. Your boy Williams had no votes. Which I already wrote about.

    You just have to read what’s been written. It’s all there.

  58. anonymous says:

    Let’s flip that on its head and have Williams answer those questions.

    “How much was Williams budget?”

    About $150 million, and it was news to him. He came out of his first budget address telling reporters he thought the city’s budget was three times that amount. Think about that for a minute. He had been running for mayor for a year, he had a seat on the state budget committee, and he had never familiarized himself with the city’s budget? You don’t get any points for “managing” a budget that you have mismanaged.

    “How many people did he manage?”

    The question for Williams should be “How could you hire so poorly?” His first police chief didn’t last half his term. His Potter hires are legendary. So how many people did Williams manage well? Not many.

    “What is his background negotiating contracts?”

    Williams had none when he took office, and has been pushed around by the police union from day one. Anyone would do an equal or better job of pushing back.

    “How has he worked with business leaders?”

    By asking them for cooperation. He had no political muscle to work with and yet got things done. Williams has the power of his office and what has he accomplished?

    “What experience does he have with Land use and zoning codes?”

    Give me a break. There’s a department for that, and what difference does it make? Who the hell wants to invest in developing Wilmington except Buccini-Pollin? That’s a rhetorical question. If people wanted to develop here WITH THEIR OWN MONEY, they would already be doing it.

    “What is his hiring experience?”

    Provided he has hired no Potters, it’s automatically better than Williams’ record.

  59. the other anonymous says:

    1. I’m not for Williams, by any means. The city needs a really good cleanup.
    2. Better jobs, get rid of the drugs, programs for the youth and programs to help the parents of inner-city children.

    Again, you can’t answer the above questions, because…..wait do I hear crickets?

  60. cassandra m says:

    The questions have been answered. It is your problem you can’t read them.

  61. commonsense says:

    “Replacing someone with less experience then someone whose doing a bad job” is honestly the best management strategy I’ve ever known.

    But to the gentleman with all the questions — who are you supporting? Enough with bashing the charismatic candidate you don’t like but are clearly worried about. Who do you want in office, if not Williams.

  62. the other anonymous says:


    I’m just asking those questions, because no one has provided the answer. I’m trying to make an informed decision and i’ve come directly to the people that are endorsing Mr. Young. I can’t find it out on his website and apparently DL is not willing OR do not have the answers to my specific questions. Cassandra won’t answer the questions, just for spike….but it does not help her candidate out.

  63. KJ says:

    In spite of all the arguments in this comments thread, the one good thing I will take out of it is almost no one is trying to defend Williams and his nasty campaign. I know people are passionate about this campaign, but I think people have to be honest about their candidates flaws as well as their positives. For instance what is Kelley’s plan to appeal to anyone who didn’t vote for him in 2012? Or for that matter, while Eugene seems like a really nice guy, does he share his mentor Senator Booker’s passion for charter schools and various education initiatives that aren’t exactly beloved by progressives.

  64. anonymous says:

    @KJ: The mayor of Wilmington has exactly zero input on education in the city, which does not have its own school district.

    • Brian says:

      @anon, that shouldn’t be the case though. The Mayor should absolutely have a say in education in the City. Currently, that involves interfacing with dozens of different education agencies, but there’s absolutely nothing that should stop a city mayor from involving themselves somehow/someway in the education of students in the city they govern.

  65. anonymous says:

    Of course there is. The city doesn’t pay a penny for the schools; why should it have a say in how they are run?

  66. cassandra m says:

    Cassandra won’t answer the questions, just for spike….but it does not help her candidate out.

    You do know that this makes you look like a clueless troll here, right? I’ve written about this race for almost a year and you show up at the last minute demanding answers for questions that have been addressed above and in those other posts. I am not sure why I should do more work here than you are willing to do — look for the other writing that I and others have done here if you don’t like what is in this post. Otherwise, you are free to plump for Williams.

  67. cassandra m says:

    The city doesn’t pay a penny for the schools; why should it have a say in how they are run?

    The City’s future is absolutely tied to a much better school system. It is hard to argue that the schools in the city are underserving the population they need to educate and it is going to be hard to make the case to young millennials to stay in the city if they can’t educate their kids here. I know that there are people who want a Wilmington school district — I am not much of a fan of that since the city isn’t all that competent in managing much else of its operation. But there is no reason why the Mayor and other leadership shouldn’t be regularly and smartly beating up on the State and the school districts to insist that they do a much better job.

  68. the other anonymous says:

    Can’t believe no one is willing to answer these questions.
    1. And get it straight, for a second time I’m not for Williams.
    2. I’ve never “demanded” the answers.
    3. I’m just asking simple questions, that I can’t find out the answers to, so I’ve looked at Mr. Young’s website nothing there. And have looked back for other DL responses.

    I can’t even find out who he was a Legislative aide to in Delaware.