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Filed in National by on July 28, 2016

Trevor Noah seems to be growing into Stewart’s old seat on The Daily Show. This election cycle seems to be helping immensely. He has been pretty on point through both conventions but especially now as we’re able to visually compare the two events side by side. Granted we have yet to see the nominee’s speech at the DNC however, after night 2 we have just about all the evidence we need to paint an accurate picture of what’s going on here. Take 8 minutes and give this clip of The Daily Show a watch as he hits the long ball.

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  1. cassandra_m says:

    I have no idea how many times I’ve watched this — it is just brilliant at every level:

    Donald Trump is almost like global warming right now. People are trying to deny that it’s real. They think it’s something we can worry about later, but it is happening right now.

    I heard a writer from the Daily Show earlier this week talk about how hard it was to get jokes out of the DNC vs the RNC. He said that the RNC was rich enough that they never even got to the ridiculousness of Scott Baio as the celebrity of choice for the RNC.

  2. Dave says:

    ‘how hard it was to get jokes out of the DNC vs the RNC.”

    The problem is that any jokes you get out of the DNC/Democrats/Clinton pale in comparison to what Trump delivers day after day.

    Noah hit the long ball because Trump is playing T ball and just lobs it over the plate. Can’t tell if it’s Noah’s brilliance or that Trump is simply low hanging fruit.

    Much of what Trump spews is sarcasm. That in itself is a disqualifier in my view because he doesn’t recognize that it’s not supposed to be entertainment, it’s supposed to be an interview for serious business. But then, when the GOP campaign sank to a new low talking about the size of one’s hands, that’s when they jumped the shark.