Libertarian Johnson fumbles faith question

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I’d love to see the libertarians rise up and build something out of the GOP’s rubble. Something based on rationality and reason rather than the base superstitions and tribal hate that the Republican’s hold dear.

I’m not optimistic about it having read Libertarian Presidential candidate, Gary Johnson’s response to a softball faith question posed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo:

“I have to admit to praying once in a while, and, yes, I do believe in God,” (Johnson) said.

At that, forum moderator Chris Cuomo pressed Johnson for more details, asking the candidate what he would want people to know about him as it relates to religion and his activity in the faith community.

“I mean, is the answer it’s none of your business? Or do you go to church? Do you ascribe to a particular religious philosophy?” the CNN anchor asked.

Johnson said he was raised Christian, but is not an active churchgoer.

“If there’s one thing that I’ve taken away from Christianity,” Johnson said, “[it’s] do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

As for why he chooses not to attend church, Johnson said he doesn’t “speak” to a God who adheres to any one particular faith.

“I’m one of those that just — the God that I speak to is not — doesn’t have a particular religion,” he said.

WTF? Didn’t he know someone was going to ask him that? He must still have the instincts of a GOP politician, because the slam dunk answer IS “it’s none of your business.” That’s a response a great many Americans could get behind. A recent Pew study shows that “none” is the country’s fastest growing religious affiliation. If even the Libertarian can’t figure out how pander to us, then whats the point?


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  1. Brian says:

    I’m surprised by this. In other areas of the political landscape, Johnson’s quite liberal (heh) with the phrase “It’s none of your business.”. He whiffed on that one.

  2. jason330 says:

    We need to build a wall. A wall of separation between Church and state that the founders envisioned. I hope the Libertarians are on board with that, but if their guy for President can’t make the case for it, I’m not optimistic.

  3. Brian says:

    #MASA. Make America Secular Again

  4. pandora says:

    Did you see his interview on his pot smoking?

    He was an executive at a marijuana company (he left the position to run for President). He smokes it, but gave it up to run for President and won’t smoke it if he wins the presidency. Why? Is he saying pot is dangerous? So mind altering that people can’t function? I don’t see much difference between using pot and alcohol, but he obviously thinks both are no no’s as President. Did he make the case for keeping pot illegal?

    He needs to pick a side – Is using marijuana ok, or not? He’s religious, but not really. He comes across as wishy washy. He’s also giving the Press exactly the BS stories they’d love to paint him with. He’s not ready for prime time.

    And Jason’s correct. “None of your business” is the correct answer (the only answer?) from a Libertarian. By playing both sides of these issues Johnson loses with everyone.

  5. Liberal Elite says:

    True libertarians don’t believe that anyone should be controlling their lives. That includes God.

    Praying is just another form of begging.

  6. Cjm says:

    Ugh, libertarians take all the worst republican economic ideas jack them up by 100% and add all their own wacky things. If they are America’s third party then we are screwed. I wish so much that the socialist parties weren’t a bunch of infighting over small ideological differences bs and instead a far better and united front that actually had ballot access. But then again I’ve come to accept that I’m too far left for mainstream Americans.

  7. Steve Newton says:

    Of course Gary Johnson is not ready for prime time. He is not a disciplined campaigner at all in the sense that aside from about three set lines he has no stock sound-bite answers for key questions; he literally thinks about the question when he’s asked as if it were occurring to him for the first time. That was one of the most disillusioning things I found out about him in 2012 when I met and talked with him (via Skype) on several occasions. Think of him (I’m not kidding here) as Ruth Ann Minner running for President. Weld would make a far better Presidential candidate but Weld is by no means a Libertarian, and selecting him almost actually cost Gary the Libertarian nomination, so much do the people in the LP despise Weld.

    Ironically, last time around he nailed the religion question by saying (paraphrased but very close): “If you’re looking for somebody who’s going to pray to God during a crisis to bring him wisdom, I’m not your guy. I’ll be the President expecting the experts and cabinet officers to bring me the information I need to make the right decision.”