Trolling Republicans this 4th of July

Filed in National by on June 29, 2016

I’ll be trolling some Republican family members this weekend. Let me know in the comments if I’ve forgotten anything.

“I’m glad Bill Clinton talked Donald Trump into getting into the GOP primary. Who could have ever guessed that he’d actually win the nomination? Bill Clinton, I suppose.”

“The Benghazi hearing really helped out Clinton this year. Do you think Trey Gowdy was being paid by the Clinton Foundation? It sure seems like it.”

“How stupid must Mitch McConnell feel now that Merrick Garland said he would have probably voted to uphold that abortion ban? Pretty stupid I’d imagine.”

“Yes, the famous Stonewall Inn was named after Stonewall Jackson. He was gayer than Liberace. Didn’t you see Ken Burns’ documentary. Jackson was basically “out” for his day.”



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Jason330 is a deep cover double agent working for the GOP. Don't tell anybody.

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  1. Mitch Crane says:

    “I read on the internet that Hillary is actually a lesbian, that is why there is only one child in the Clinton marriage, and Hillary isn’t the mother) and she and Elizabeth Warren are lovers ( notice they were matching outfits the other day) and Warren will be her running mate.”

  2. Jason330 says:

    That’s a great one. I just hope my Fox News watching relatives don’t beat me to it.

  3. Steve Newton says:

    How about this one?

    “I’m really impressed that the GOP nominated two successful Republican governors with great fiscal records of balancing budgets and keeping taxes low while winning re-election in heavily Democratic states. Oh, wait, sorry, that wasn’t the GOP it was the crazy Libertarians. Never mind.”

  4. Jenr says:

    “Everyone knows that Rush has a gambling problem in addition to his other addiction issues but the fact that he recently bet $100k on Hillary with a London bookmaker seems just a bit disingenuous to me”

  5. jason330 says:

    Lol! That has the perfect amount of truthiness. Thanks!

  6. jason330 says:

    “When you say that you need guns to ‘protect your family’ do you mean protect them by murdering them like Christy Sheats protected her family?”