Brandywine School District Passes Referendum

Filed in National by on May 17, 2016

Quick blurb because I’m still at Christina Board meeting, but Brandywine has passed their referenda by close to a four thousand vote margin!

9,612 FOR – 5,780 against.


BSD also smashed Christina’s total turnout (13,395) by almost 2,000 votes: 15,392 total votes!

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A dad, husband, and public education supporter. Small tent progressive/liberal. Christina School District Citizen's Budget Oversight Committee member, who knows a bit about a lot when it comes to the convoluted mess that is education funding in the State of Delaware.

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  1. Jason330 says:

    Good stuff. Way to go Brandywine

  2. Another Mike says:

    For the record, I voted for the referendum. That said, I will not stop my campaign against “parent engagement” events being held the same day as votes. I heard on the radio today that one of the schools interrupted whatever event they were having to encourage those in attendance to stop by and vote for the referendum while they were there. I thought after Red Clay did this a few years ago that districts would make some adjustments. Obviously, I was wrong.

    I voted yes because I know many students in our schools. I didn’t want to punish them because I found the tactics of the adults distasteful. And good schools are an essential part of a good community.

  3. nemski says:

    @Another Mike, considering we had very low turnout last referendum. Getting parents to the schools is probably 90% of the battle. I have no problem with this tactic. It’s too bad that Brandywine and its students didn’t organize like this for the first referendum.

  4. Another Mike says:

    The first vote had a poor turnout because the district did a piss-poor job of reaching out to residents. And Sen. Peterson had such a problem with this tactic that she proposed SB 165, which would eliminate such electioneering. The ACLU sued Red Clay, in part because of such events, although Red Clay also blocked handicapped parking spots and gave out pizza. The suit is scheduled to be heard in the fall.