Sadiq Khan Wins London Mayoral Election

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Sadiq Khan, a human rights lawyer and Labor Minister of Parliment, has become Mayor of London. Why is this importantant? Why should we even care? As The New York Times writes: “The victory also makes him one of the most prominent Muslim politicians in the West.”

His conservative counterpart, Zac Goldmsmith, ran a particular nasty campaign as Tories now begin to rethink Goldsmith’s vile attacks. At one point Prime Minister David Cameron was shouted down in Parliment as a racist.

David Cameron was met with cries of “racist” in the House of Commons as he joined attacks on Labour’s London mayoral candidate after he claimed that Sadiq Khan had links to a supporter of Islamic State.

It’s nice to see not all voters are wankers.


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  1. Steve Newton says:

    Interestingly enough, Zac Goldsmith’s sister is the ex-wife of a Pakistani soccer star and nearly disowned her brother over the venality of his campaign.

    I have been followed Sadiq Khan for several years–Labor is clearly thinking grooming him for even higher office, and his published writings on security plans for London indicate that he’s no lightweight thinker.

  2. kavips says:

    Prepare yourselves… for the Wrath of Khan……