DowDuPont: Better living through layoffs

Filed in Delaware by on December 22, 2015

“The pink slips were placed in the stockings with care…”

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Rob Tornoe is a local cartoonist and columnist, and can be seen in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Press of Atlantic City, The News Journal, and the Dover Post chain of newspapers. He's also a contributor to Media Matters and WHYY. Web site: Twitter: @RobTornoe

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  1. Steve Newton says:

    One friend received his severance package one month shy of locking in his thirty-year retirement.

    As jason would say: “Yay! Shareholder primacy!”

  2. SussexAnon says:

    And leaving behind all the hazardous chemical crap for the rest of us to clean up, no doubt.

  3. Jason330 says:

    Steve Nailed it. Milton Friedman ubber alles. Welcome to shitville everyone. Investors (somewhere) thank you for your docile obedience.

  4. bamboozer says:

    Are you surprised? This completes the destruction of companies where a middle class living could be had without advanced degrees or a lot of luck. It also exemplifies corporate America at it’s destructive and heartless finest, vintage contempt for long term employees included at no extra charge.

  5. mouse says:

    What ever happened to antitrust laws