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Goodbye Rick Perry. We hardly knew thee. Oops.

Booman has an interesting theory as to why people are feeling pessimistic (i.e. the right track/wrong track number):

The thing is, when I see that people were much more positive about the future of the country before the presidential campaign began in earnest, I reach a different conclusion from Nancy LeTourneau and Steven Holmes. Rather than thinking that people are getting more downhearted because they’re absorbing negative messages from Bernie Sanders and the eleventy billion Republican candidates, I think they are becoming pessimistic because they’re realizing that we’re going to have to replace the current president with another Bush or another Clinton or a racist clown or some unpopular governor who seems half out of his mind. […]

Well, gas prices are down, employment is up, housing prices are up, but the public mood is going south. Maybe you buy that everything is going to hell and people suddenly noticed (just coincidentally) right when the campaign kicked off. Obviously, we have our problems, but the timing suggests that people don’t like their choices.

I think if Obama were permitted to run for a third term, people would be feeling a lot better about the future.

I know I would vote for him again if I could. And I know I will miss him, even if Clinton, Sanders or Biden win.

GOP strategist Liz Mair offers up 10 ways to derail Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Yeah, that’s Presidential.

Above is the documentary Donald Trump does not want you to see. Via Raw Story:

In 1988, business mogul Leonard Stern commissioned a television documentary to be made about Donald Trump, but the film was never aired because Trump managed to prevent its circulation.

“He did everything he could to suppress this documentary,” producer Libby Handros said. “And back in the day when we made the film, there were only a handful of networks. You had a few independent entities, but everything was controlled by big corporations, the three networks. And Donald was threatening lawsuits and stuff and they just didn’t need to take that on, even if the lawsuit would have no merit in the end.”

The documentary, Trump: What’s the Deal? is now available to be streamed online here.
“Now that Trump is running for president, it is time for the American people to meet the real Donald and learn how he does business. The old Trump and the new Trump? They’re the same Trump,” notes the film’s website.

Trump: What’s the Deal? chronicles the real-estate developer and presidential hopeful’s rise to power. His self-described “addiction” to acquiring cash and real estate drove him to build developments in Manhattan, Atlantic City, Palm Beach, and Los Angeles. He skirted the law on multiple occasions throughout his career, underpaying his workers, associating with mob bosses, committing union fraud, harassing tenants, and ignoring environmental regulations, yet managed to evade legal retribution.

Jeremy Corbyn has just been elected as the new Labour Party leader, and he will become the Official Leader of the Opposition. His past stances and statements makes our own Bernie Sanders conservative by comparison. Find out more about him here.

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