Bernie Sanders’ Appeal Explained in One Chart

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income gains

Our Delaware Democratic Congressional Delegation can’t make heads or tails out of that data, but it speaks very loudly to everyone else.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So Bernie is going to fix this?

  2. Jason330 says:

    He is the only one talking about it.

  3. Prop Joe says:

    The chasm between a presidential candidate talking about bold initiatives and the actual president acting on those very same bold initiatives is so big you could fit Donald Trump’s ego in it and still have room for Scott Walker’s intellect.

  4. mediawatch says:

    Bernie has as much chance of fixing it as the Donald has of getting Mexico to pay for the wall. But if we’re going to dream impossible dreams, I’ll line up behind Bernie.

  5. Jason330 says:

    It is , of course, very fixable. This kind of economic inequity is not the result of some mysterious and unknowable force of nature.

    No. It is the direct result of political policies. Sadly, our congressional delegation supports the very policies that created this situation, but that doesn’t mean that they are unmovable on the issue of fixing this.

    It just has to be in their political best interest.

  6. Dorain Gray says:

    Probably not. But he acknowledges it as one of the crucial sources of our sickness. As this graph indicates, it’s actually real.

    Meanwhile the GOP pretends undocumented immigration is actually a problem for the country. Of course it’s clearly not by every measure, but it feels like it’s a problem.

    Undocumented people commit far less crime than the average, pay a significant amount of local, state and federal tax, and have only like 15% of their health care costs covered by public funds… but brown people who speak a different language feel like they should be blamed for something…

    Sanders isn’t popular to me because he’ll fix this. Just recognizing what the actual issue is is the first step. I set the bar very low and only Sanders has gotten over it.

    Like mediawatch wrote – nobody is going to actually fix anything, but it’s nice to know one candidate understands the issues and operates in reality.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @Jason This is where we agree:
    “It just has to be in their political best interest.”
    This is the problem on both sides. Someday, we might have a candidate that actually is thinking about the people first!

  8. donviti says:

    Actually billionaires are talking about addressing the gap in wages. They want to raise incomes…and then of course they want the government to award their corporations with tax breaks to off set the wages…So, they want a subsidy….

    I remember when Obama ran as a semi socialist. All this division has occurred under him…

    Hills though, she gonna change it…