Proof: Republicans Incapable Of Leading

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Barely starting their majority rule  in this new Congress, the Republicans, not satisfied with a visionless, utterly barren domestic policy are now usurping the Constitutional powers of the Executive branch in foreign affairs/policy.

Their sabotaging of the very difficult Iranian nuclear negotiations secured by a very competent Democratic Executive administration is beyond stupid.  There is simply nothing for the nation to lose in seeing through these negotiations to whatever conclusion is reached.  Yet Boehner and McConnell are determined to undermine this effort.  Is there some noble purpose behind their blundering effort to undermine the talks?  No.  Rather, this is an attempt to avert any possible credit for a Democratic Administration in securing yet another diplomatic success in averting a potential war.  Nothing high minded here.

This sabotage not being satisfying enough, now they are usurping Presidential prerogatives in foreign affairs by extending an invitation to Netanyahu to address Congress two weeks before his own very hotly contested election with the expressed purpose of displaying the very contentious disagreement between our country and and much of Israel on the Iranian nuclear power issue.  This of course in an opportunity in both campaign fund raising for Bibi in the U.S.A. and a chance to further dampen his tenuous relationship with our President Obama.  Some noble purpose here?  Nope.  Pure partisan politics and the chance to create a Constitutional crisis.

All of this in the wake of a clear Democratic Party success for America in mostly shutting down two catastrophic Republican wars.  These wars which had a major role in the Republican financial collapse of our economy President Obama has had to invest most of his Presidency in fixing.

Republicans.  Governing is about averting and correcting crises.  Not creating them.


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  1. Jason330 says:

    Netanyahu flies in to get fellated by Boehner and Co, then flies home. This seems like a “dog bites man” story to me.

  2. ben says:

    this is a fundraising stop for BiBi. if it werent for racist rich Americans, he wouldn’t be able to buy Israeli elections.

  3. Delaware Dem says:

    I was reading somewhere that 1) this trip was actually orchestrated by Netanyahu to get good press coverage back home ahead of their Knesset elections on March 17; 2) that the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence operation, has been lobbying President Obama and lawmakers to NOT pass the Kirk-Menendez War With Iran bill and 3) President Obama will not meet with Netanyahu during the trip.

    So, there is a whole lot of cross purposes and differing allegiances here. The Obama Administration, the U.S. Military, the CIA and the Israeli Mossad are all aligned with pursuing diplomacy rather than war with Iran. Netanyahu and the American Republican Party, with some traitor Democrats like Menendez, are for immediate war with Iran.

  4. donviti says:

    I wonder if Obama had been “friendlier” to the wishes of Benji if his entire time in office would have been different. I don’t have a doubt that this played into part of the constant negative meme’s trotted out time and again about his foreign policy leadership.

    If you look at what he has done for Israel (killing terrah-rists) , and how they treat him, they are some whiney ungrateful bitches

  5. Davy says:

    Has a foreign leader not addressed a joint session of Congress before?

    No constitutional crisis here.

  6. stan merriman says:

    Yes, many time but in the overwhelming majority of such events it is in conjunction with a formally planned state visit, orchestrated by the Executive branch; the protocol is for both the Executive to communicate with Congressional leadership in advise and consent spirit and for the foreign leader to communicate with the White House. Boehner did not give the country and the President the common courtesy to advise him….and with our Iran negotiations, Bibi did not extend the same courtesy to our President. Sloppiness and discourtesy abound thanks to Boehner. I hope, Davy you do not teach anything akin to ethics at Temple. Or Political Science.

  7. Davy says:

    It’s called a “private visit.” No need for an invitation from the President.

    Whether it was good policy by the Speaker to entertain Netanyahu, that is another matter entirely.

    And I do not teach anything.

  8. stan merriman says:

    Thankfully, on the teaching front. As for “private visit”, a speech before both houses of Congress is hardly private. It may be good RNC policy, but it sure defies understanding as to how such a speech, with gallery and media, not coordinated with the Executive Branch responsible for this relationship, who recently had a State visit with Bibi, can be thought of as good policy. It is pure theatrics for both those trying to sabotage the Iran talks, Boehner and Bibi, trying to hold his coalition together and get reelected.

  9. stan merriman says:

    Interesting news that a former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. and Mossad have both publicly advised that Bibi not come to Boehner’s invitation out of concern for screwing up Iran negotiations.

  10. mouse says:

    If this had been a liberal democratic leader of the House doing this, the republicans, talk radio and Fox news would be spinning their heads arounds and spewing bile like rapid dogs 24-7 for years on end about it as we have seen already