Let’s Celebrate Cuban Music !

Filed in International by on December 19, 2014

President Obama has pulled another one out of his hat !  Thawing of our relations with the Cuban people.  Great work, Mr. President.

Soon I hope this means not just “education” trips to Cuba, or trips to Mexico to get Cuban cigars, or limited cultural exchange.  Let it explode and bring on their great music….lots of it.  This may be their most wonderful export.

I for one am hunting for the CD I have somewhere featuring some of their aging but extraordinary musicians, the Buena Vista Social Club.  But there is so much more, especially the regional Afro-Cuban music, rumba bands and a joyous collection of other regional styles that seem to uplift their people from the grim realities of their political history.

I hope this also means greater opportunity and improvement for the lives of the wonderful Cuban people in their homeland.  I hope they don’t ditch the classic half century plus old American cars they somehow have managed to get parts for and kept running.

President Obama, you never cease to amaze.


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  1. donviti says:

    this qualifies as a post on DL?

  2. Joanne Christian says:

    Oh Donviti! If it brought you out of hiding, it does! Hi fella! Merry Christmas!

  3. Jason330 says:

    Dv, what’s your spirit animal?

  4. stan merriman says:

    Sorry, this my rather oblique way of celebrating the success of David in his long, very long conflict with Goliath.

  5. cassandra_m says:

    I wish I could find this, but there was an article years back that claimed that the resurgence of Cuban music led by the Buena Vista Social Club CD and documentary would be a foundation of opening up Cuba-US relations. This claim might be all wet, really, but it is interesting that there are generations of Americans who might know the Buena Vista Social Club , Ibrahim Ferrer, Cachao Lopez, Chucho Valdez, et al more than they would know either of the Castro brothers.

  6. bamboozer says:

    And don’t forget Baseball, I could give a damn but the Cubans churn out great players by the score. As for Musica Cubano I prefer jazz, no one does the Afro/Cuban thing like the Cubans on all instruments, piano ( I might be a player ) in particular.

  7. stan merriman says:

    They sure do; maybe we’ll see some here with the Blue Rocks soon. Not too shabby either with turning out Physicians they send around the world; we could use many here. And Educators who seem to know how to cope with poverty backgrounds….like all their students, yet a 100% literacy rate.

  8. citydem says:

    It is wayyyy overdue- congrats to the President – we will see how this will affect the political course in Cuba- since they will have a harder time protecting this socialist paradise—- from el Norte

  9. mouse says:

    This is very exciting. And predictably the regressives come out against it. Must be sad to be a hateful miserable against everything conservative

  10. Tom Kline says:

    Total Bullshit and we all know it.