Matlusky Endorses Mayrack

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I was surprised when this release from the Delaware Democratic Party appeared in my inbox, and I’ll tell you why after the fold:

NEW CASTLE – Ken Matlusky, former State Auditor candidate, has endorsed Brenda Mayrack, the winner of the September 9th Democratic Primary Election.

“I ran for the Auditor’s office because I wanted to see the office work for Delawareans and protect their interests instead of special interests. Brenda wants to see the same improvements made to the office. She is overwhelmingly qualified to run the Auditor’s office,” Matlusky said. “She has established her own solo law firm where she has focused on doing exactly what the current State Auditor’s office has not effectively done—auditing.”

“Her determination to bring more transparency to the state’s government and her personal commitment to public service is unmatched,” Matlusky said. “Not only will she protect whistleblowers who report waste or fraud, but she will also make sure state agencies are making the necessary improvements to save money.”

“For these reasons, I am endorsing Brenda Mayrack in the State Auditor’s race, and I urge you to get out and vote for her on November 4th,” Matlusky said. “She is the woman for the job, and she will work tirelessly to protect our precious tax dollars and help move Delaware forward.”

That is a very nice and welcome statement from Ken Matlusky, who is also a very nice guy. I am surprised though that the statement was released today. First, I didn’t know that he had not already endorsed her. Perhaps he offered to endorse right away and either the Del Dems or the Mayrack campaign said wait until we have a dead week where we need some news. Or perhaps he took some time off (it has only been three weeks since the primary (my God, it feels like it has been three months), as he had every right to. But the delayed endorsement creates a sense of …. friction that probably does not exist.

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  1. painesme says:

    I’m happy that the “Ken Matlusky is a nice guy” meme is taking off.