Late Night Video — Jon Stewart Crushes Fox News, Again

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This is a thing of beauty and a reminder that there is no news at Fox News:

In particular, accusing the President of “not respecting the troops” (whatever that means), one of Fox’s own disrepects the work of an ally — a female pilot from the UAE who lead their team in a bombing run. Eric Bolling, reacting to the news that a female fighter pilot was in the fight wanted to know if that counted as boobs on the ground. Right? Getting past the outright sexism, there was no respect for someone doing the work he wasn’t going to do, for someone who was part of the work of turning back the boogyman that they spent the other 23 hours of their news cycle fearmongering over.


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  1. The whole salute gate is over blown. Sure the President should have paid more attention, but it was likely a reflex not intentional disrespect. For the record it is considered disrespectful to salute with an item in your hand, but I have seen it done inadvertently by officers and enlisted scores of times. It happens or almost happens to practically everyone over the course of time I really don’t understand the majoring on minors. Presidents often did not even return salutes until 1981.

    Still what made his respond was the nonsense that it GWB did it first. President Bush was holding his dog, but not with the hand that he saluted with. The problem was that President Obama saluted with an item. In the search to protect his guy, he stretches to find an equivalent. Jon Stewart showed his complete ignorance in his arrogance.

    I think that his point that the controversy deserved only a quick note is valid. Congress waiting around for the President to send them a resolution instead of drafting one and asking for his input is the real scandal. We are at war. Let’s go all in and win it.

  2. cassandra_m says:

    And of course you would show up to justify this.

    I spend a considerable amount of time with guys and girls in green uniforms and I’ve seen more than my fair share of sloppy salutes — always on the returning end from some senior officer. Rank has its privileges. I asked a group I had lunch with last week about this salute and the entire table guffawed. Salutes are about signal of respect of *rank* not of *person*, which is why civilians (even the President of the United States) shouldn’t do it. This never should have even *been* a controversy, except that the deep Obama Derangement Syndrome over at Fox needs to be fed. Hiding all of that behind their fake concern for the troops is a disgrace.

  3. Geezer says:

    The constant fetish-object nonsense the right engages in — lapel pins, hand over heart during the national anthem, etc. — are all the sort of things you’d expect from people who hold their meetings in a tree fort.

  4. mouse says:

    LMAO. Exactly. Thank you sir, may I have another

  5. mouse says:

    With the uneducated republican right it’s all visceral symbols, no substance. That’s why science and education are such a threat to the boys in the tree house