‘Bulo Presents Charlie Hunter/Scott Amendola w/the Dinkendo Family Band Tonight!

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Shameless plug, and I’m totally not ashamed. I’m presenting a superb concert tonight at the Arden Gild Hall. If you show up, first drink’s on me.

Charlie Hunter is an amazing instrumentalist and plays a hybrid guitar/bass that has seven strings. Yes he plays both the bass and guitar parts at the same time!  He and drummer Scott Amendola have extraordinary telepathy with each other that can only happen after years of playing together.  They have been called the ‘jazz scene’s funkiest duo’ for good reason. Here’s a groovy example, there’s loads of others on the internets:

‘Not Getting Behind Is the New Getting Ahead’

This one gives you a great sense of Scott’s drumming prowess and that telepathy thing I mentioned:


The opening band brings the African funk. The Dinkendo Family Band is fronted by two musicians from Senegambia who are here as cultural ambassadors for a year. They are supported by some of Delaware’s finest musicians, including John Digiovanni on drums and Ed Dwornick on guitar. While the video quality of this isn’t great, there’s no mistaking the infectious energy of this band:

‘Kick It Out’

Tickets are $20. Arden Club members get in for $15. Be sure to mention the name ‘El Somnambulo’ at the box office, and I’ll make sure you enjoy the adult beverage of your choice. Here’s where to get tickets.  Or you can just show up at the box office, cash or check in hand. Hey, we’re Arden, what did you expect, a sophisticated credit card service?

Hope to see you there!

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