Another Delaware Poll, by a Delaware Polling outfit, shows Coons, Carney up

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DELAWARE–SENATOR–Univ. of Delaware: Sen. Chris Coons (D) 50, Kevin Wade (R) 27, Andrew Groff (G) 6
DELAWARE–REPRESENTATIVE–Univ. of Delaware: Rep. John Carney (D) 52, Rose Izzo (R) 17, Others 11

I wonder if these numbers are more to the pundits’ liking. From WDDE:

Sen. Chris Coons and Rep. John Carney have comfortable leads among First State voters according to a new University of Delaware Center for Political Communication poll. […] Paul Brewer, Associate Director of UD’s Center for Political Communication, helped administer the poll. He notes Election Day is five weeks away, but he says he doesn’t foresee any major shakeups.

“With Coons at 50 percent and Carney at 52 percent, something dramatic would have to happen to alter the outcome,” said Brewer.

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  1. Steve Newton says:

    At the risk of sounding partisan, why do you break out Green Andy Groff in the Senate race a 6% and not Libertarian Scott Gesty in the House race at 7%, especially since Gesty only trails Rose by 10 points?

  2. Delaware Dem says:

    Point taken. That was how the numbers were broken down elsewhere and I was lazy and just copied them like that. I will edit shortly

  3. Steve Newton says:

    Yeah I realized that after the fact: I read the UD press release first, and only read the WNJ article by clicking on your link. Then I realized where you had gotten that particular breakdown. But thanks for the edit.

  4. SussexAnon says:

    Accuracy is indeed important. You were doing fine not looking partisan until you said “especially when hes only trailing by 10 points” As if the difference is between 17% and 7% in a poll compared to Carneys 50+% really matters.

    Besides, Libertarians are Republicans now. Didn’t you get the sales notice?

  5. LeBay says:

    Anyone who trails Rose Izzo by ten percentage points is not worth mentioning, regardless of party affiliation.

  6. SussexWatcher says:

    Getsy could also be at 3.1%, given the margin of error. Either way, not making a difference.

  7. KLP says:

    Reminds me of (3) accts applying for a job. The last candidate is asked how much is 2+ 2. The reply to the employer is how much do you want it to be?
    Sometimes polls go in the same direction to support an agenda.

  8. cassandra_m says:

    A vote for “unskewing” the polls!