Vance Phillips Crashes Gaffney Interview with 5th RD Opponent

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OMG – please podcast this…

Radio talk show host Dan Gaffney called a segment of his Aug. 28 morning show “damned odd,” while Republicans locked in a primary battle for the Sussex County 5th District council seat called the show “crazy” and “surreal.”

Call it what you want – bad timing, miscommunication or a calculated election-year ploy – an exchange on a local radio talk show has ignited swirling controversy.

During the segment, the two Republican candidates running for the District 5 seat both used up airtime. According to Gaffney, one of the two – incumbent Vance Phillips of Laurel – was not invited during that time slot. About half way through a scheduled interview and call-in session with Republican challenger Rob Arlett of Frankford, Phillips entered the studio and put on headphones.

Arlett welcomed Phillips, although he later said he was surprised to see him. Phillips said he was under the impression he was scheduled to debate Arlett, but would leave if asked.

After about 15 minutes of air time – including some testy exchanges between Phillips and Gaffney – the talk show host asked Phillips to leave the studio.

Gaffney told Phillips that the time had been allotted to Arlett, and a planned debate had been rescheduled at Phillips’ request because he was scheduled for day surgery that morning. Phillips said the procedure had been rescheduled to the afternoon.

“He told me point-blank to pick another day,” Gaffney said after his show. “I really don’t think he is thinking clearly.”

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  1. jason330 says:

    Phillips hadn’t eaten for two days in preparation for a Colonoscopy:

    Phillips said he prayed Aug. 27, before the show, and he said the Lord wanted him to go into what he called “the viper pit.”

    “I couldn’t shake this,” he said. “I’ve never shied away from a debate.”

    After the interview, Gaffney said, “Mr. Phillips needs to be more theologically sound and get God’s word only from the Bible, and not from the voices in his own head.”

    Phillips said he was under the impression the debate was still on. “Dan Gaffney was in his element creating drama that was not there,” Phillips said.

  2. Dorian Gray says:

    So the voice of God comes from a set of Bronze Age books not the voices in our heads. That’s good to know.

  3. Jason330 says:

    I love the second caller. Accuses Phillips of being an entitled “good old boy” who feels “above the law.”

    I hope Rob Arlett isn’t a hard core teabag (although I know he probably is) because he is going to win.

    Gaffney and Phillips tussling over the schedule.

    This is nuts.

  4. SussexAnon says:

    Awesome audio clip. The finest example of Phillips’ passive-aggressive style.

    He is in a constant state of “who me?” If you have to ask “if you want me to leave, I will” you probably should leave.

    Arlett is a pave over the county guy. I am unaware of his Tea Party ties but he is a “property rights” guy and that is all the county really has any control or responsibility over.

  5. Joan Deaver says:

    “Property rights” in Sussex means no zoning in advance, all undeveloped land is AR, & can be divided into small lots having 2 homes per acre = at least 1 million homes. Plus council allows heavier uses like shopping centers and RV parks, etc. It’s a great place to live but council controls all development. So be very careful how you vote.

  6. kavips says:

    The watermelon has spoken.

  7. Only thing that would make this better would be if his former campaign aide performed the colonoscopy.

  8. Jason330 says:

    “Like ++”

    for both of those comments.

  9. Nuttingham says:

    If the Sheriff loses, maybe I’ll change my name to Vance-ingham.

  10. Joe Johns says:

    Rob Arlette house went through a Sheriff Sale in 2013. Google Robert Arlette sheriff sale. Really upstanding manage my money Rob.

  11. Aint's Taking it Any More says:

    Arlette’s support of Jeff Christopher reveals Arlette as being comfortable with the shit brained fringe.

    God speed Sussex County.

  12. Dave says:

    “Arlette’s support of Jeff Christopher reveals Arlette as being comfortable with the shit brained fringe.”

    And that’s the dilemma for those in Vance’s district. Is it better the devil you know? Or a possible acolyte who supports the sheriffs goal of making us his footstool by divine right?

    Unfortunately, I am not in that district, so I won’t have a say.

  13. Geezer says:

    Someone from outside the state (from Maryland, actually) asked me the other day, “How has Vance Phillips gotten away with so little scrutiny? How has this not been a story since the day the lawsuit was filed?” I had no answer.

    Were Vance a Democrat, he would have been hung by now, and not in effigy.