Friday Open Thread [8.29.14]

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Here are some more polling goodness for this Friday before a long Labor Day Weekend. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

KANSAS–SENATOR–SurveyUSA: Sen. Pat Roberts (R) 37, Chad Taylor (D) 32, Greg Orman (I) 20. This piece by Booman provides more information on this suddenly important race. If the Independent wins, he may caucus with the Dems, and if the Democrat drops out, the Independent wins this race in a landslide apparently. If the Independent drops out, Roberts hangs on against Taylor the Democrat by 4 points, proof enough of some ingrained genetic partisanship.

KANSAS–GOVERNOR–Brownback Internal Poll (R): Gov. Sam Brownback (R) 43, Paul Davis (D) 42.

PENNSYLVANIA–GOVERNOR–Franklin & Marshall College: Tom Wolf (D) 49, Gov. Tom Corbett (R) 24.

MICHIGAN–GOVERNOR–EPIC-MRA: Mark Schauer (D) 45, Gov. Rick Snyder (R) 43.

MICHIGAN–SENATOR–EPIC-MRA: Gary Peters (D) 45, Terri Lynn Land (R) 39.

MINNESOTA–SENATOR–SurveyUSA: Sen. Al Franken (D) 51, Michael McFadden (R) 42.

MINNESOTA–GOVERNOR–SurveyUSA: Gov. Mark Dayton (D) 49, Jeff Johnson (R) 40.

MASSACHUSETTS–GOVERNOR–Boston Globe: Martha Coakley (D) 41, Charlie Baker (R) 34.

MASSACHUSETTS–GOVERNOR–DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY–Boston Globe: Coakley (D) 45, Steve Grossman (D) 24.

MASSACHUSETTS–GOVERNOR–DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY–Suffolk University/Boston Herald: Coakley 42, Grossman 30.

GEORGIA–SENATOR–Landmark Communications: Michelle Nunn (D) 47, David Perdue (R) 40.

GEORGIA–GOVERNOR–Landmark Communications: Jason Carter (D) 44, Gov. Nathan Deal (R) 40.

WISCONSIN–GOVERNOR–Marquette Law School: Gov. Scott Walker (R) 48, Mary Burke (D) 44.

IOWA–SENATOR–Public Policy Polling: Bruce Braley (D) 42, Joni Ernst (R) 41.

IOWA–SENATOR–Suffolk University/USA Today: Joni Ernst (R) 40, Bruce Braley (D) 40.

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  1. Unstable Isotope says:

    That Brownback internal poll is pathetic. That’s the best he can do? Corbett is looking rather toasty. Also, GOP wave, where is it?

  2. bamboozer says:

    Agreed, Corbett is toasty to say the least and believe Brownback is at the very best a tie, more likely behind by a good bit. There seems to be a bit of back and forth in the polls, but then I trust pollsters every bit as much as I trust politicians.

  3. Jason330 says:

    Nate Silver still has the probability of a GOP Senate at 60%.