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Two conservative groups commissioned a poll and found that women think that the GOP is “intolerant”. Ya think? YA THINK???

The report found that women think the GOP is “intolerant” and “stuck in the past,” and that women are “barely receptive” to Republican policies. Women think Republicans “fail to speak to women in the different circumstances in which they live.”

“This lack of understanding and acknowledgment closes many minds to Republican policy solutions,” the report reads, according to Politico.

The report, titled “Republicans and Women Voters: Huge Challenges, Real Opportunities,” found that the party does “especially poorly” among women in the Northeast and Midwest.

But while single women viewed Republicans unfavorably, 48 percent of married women prefer Republicans and just 38 percent of married women favor Democrats.

Translation: the GOP’s War on Women is driving women away from them.

Ed Kilgore takes a look at the 36 governorships up for election this year and finds that there’s little possibility of a GOP wave at this level While there are plenty of competitive races here, the GOP making much if any of a net gain is pretty slim. But Governorships (and statehouses) are important, particularly for trying to rebalance the GOP gerrymandering of some of these states:

According to the Cook Political Report, only 13 of the 36 races are competitive at present (as defined as tossups or contests “leaning” one way or another): six governorships currently held by Democrats and seven by Republicans. Eleven of these gubernatorial battlegrounds are in states carried by Obama in 2012 (Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Wisconsin), and just two in states carried by Romney (Arkansas and Kansas). Some Democrats would add red Georgia and South Carolina to the competitive contest list; some Republicans think they have an outside chance in blue Massachusetts or Oregon. All in all, six Republican governorships are “mispositioned” in Obama ‘12 states, and one Democrat in a Romney ‘12 state.

The NRA is having an unfortunate week — in a week where a 9-year old taking instruction in firing an Uzi, shot and killed her instructor, the NRA was promoting the fun kids could have at the firing range:

What interests you today?

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  1. Delaware Dem says:

    So. What the hell does this mean?

    Treasurer Flowers will speak with Elections Commissioner Manlove & her Deputy Attorney General at 345pm. #netde #Delaware @Deldems

  2. MikeM2784 says:

    That screenshot should be all over facebook….the NRA wins too many arguments because it talks the loudest, not because they are correct. It is way past time for those with some damned common sense to speak just as loudly.

  3. pandora says:

    Agreed, MikeM.

    The truth is that everyone agrees there’s a line. No one, including the NRA, is calling for citizens to have the right to bear ALL arms. The decision we have to make – and one the NRA obviously agrees with since they aren’t championing for people to have scud missiles or nuclear weapons – is where we set that line.

    As far as the Uzi incident – my sympathy is with the 9 year old. I can’t imagine living with that. All the adults should have known better.

  4. Truth Teller says:

    This is the 3rd NRA member to get it this past month all I can say is Ha HA Haaaaaaaaa