Rick Jensen’s Critque of Simpler Echoes Teabag Critique of “The Establishment”

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This is from Sher Valenzuela so it may be pure fantasy (like her claims to love smaller government while building a business on government contracts). Anyway…

If it is true, it strikes me that Jensen here channels the lizard brain of teabagist everywhere who value robust and angry simplicity over doughy thoughtfulness.

WDEL’s Rick Jensen Rips Simpler Debate Performance: Weak, Awkward and Creepy

WDEL political talk show host Rick Jensen has leveled devastating criticism toward Ken Simpler and his performance in the recent WDEL Treasurer debate. Jensen described the performance at times as “weak,” “awkward” and “creepy.”

Speaking live last week on his daily radio show, Jensen said Simpler’s opponent, Sher Valenzuela, was “strong, tough and every time Simpler took a swing at her, she blocked it and hit him real hard in the face.”

Jensen concluded that he “didn’t think [Simpler] is very good at this debate stuff.”

The Earnest Hemingway like manliness of Sher Valenzuela is a key factor for Jensen. It recalls O’Donnell’s appeal to teabags as the tough guy in the race when matched up against the the tweedy academic, Mike Castle.

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  1. Geezer says:

    It should suffice to say that Rick Jensen, and only Rick Jensen, thought she won the debate because she was able to parry Simpler’s poorly thought out attacks on her background.

    The aren’t interested in governing, so they don’t look for an ability to govern in their candidates. They are interested in claiming victim status for themselves (while whining about a victim mentality in others — typical conservative projection of their own faults onto their foes) and in insulting people they disagree with, so that’s what they look for in a candidate.

  2. Steve Newton says:

    Actually, let’s see: in the Treasurer’s race …

    We’ve got Chip, who may or may not still be in …

    We’ve got Sean, who is apparently running a stealth campaign to cover his complete lack of experience for the position …

    We’ve got Sher, who wants to expand an office she clearly doesn’t understand …

    We’ve got Ken, who theoretically has the credentials to hold the job, but who apparently can’t debate and is insecure enough to have a “scorched earth” PAC mailing attack done on a primary competitor he should walk away from …

    Near as I can tell, it doesn’t matter which of these four wins the primary OR the general … the rest of us lose.

  3. Geezer says:

    Haven’t seen the scorched-earth mailer. What’s in it?

  4. ScarletWoman says:

    Sher is grouped with Markell as wanting to burn your dollars. Lots of dollar bills on fire imagery.

  5. ScarletWoman says:

    “Sher V has a BIG GOVERNMENT PLAN for Delaware … It’s liberal Jack Markell’s!”

    “So what is the Markell-Valenzuela Plan? Big government giveaways to private businesses and having the government pick winners and losers.” You get the idea. Funded by the Foundation for Delaware’s Future. This is apparently Daniel Anderson (Rehoboth) Thomas Draper (Milton) and William Gahagan (Wilmington). Together these 3 ponied up $125,000.

  6. Al says:

    Simpler is the best candidate for the job. Sher seems to have little understanding of what the job is supposed to do. She’s confusing the treasurer with the auditor. In the debate I heard she didn’t miss opportunity to attack the auditor. The last I knew, the auditor was the only statewide office held by an R. Maybe she should reconsider and run for the auditor position.

  7. Geezer says:

    Wow. That’s some pretty big bucks for a meaningless office.

  8. Steve Newton says:

    @geezer: I’m going out now (canvassing for myself) but tonight I will scan the mailer and either post it or send it to you.

    It accuses Sher of being the “tool” of “liberal Jack Markell”

  9. Geezer says:

    @Al: That’s another sign that her political principles are “Me! Me! Me!” — she slags her fellow Republicans routinely. Remember when she hitched her star to Alex Pires two years ago? Which, come to think of it, is a sign of her dreadful judgment.

    She’s Christine O’Donnell with a paying job.

  10. cassandra_m says:

    So she’s comfortable with three guys coming to the rescue of the damsel in distress, but isn’t comfortable in talking to her voters herself in Dover? Yikes.

  11. Geezer says:

    This is to be expected. If Christine O’Donnell, with no job, no Delaware connection to speak of, a normally condemned-by-conservatives sex bias lawsuit and an established, archived record of public stupidity could win the nomination for a Senate seat, it’s pretty clear that there’s virtually nothing a candidate could do that would disqualify her in the eyes of the conservative SuxCo electorate.

    If you require any further evidence, sexual predator Vance Phillips is running for re-election on a family values platform and is being championed by the same folks who loved Christine “Hands Off the Love Button” O’Donnell.

  12. John says:

    @Steve Newton: I feel the same way! Disgusting turn of events.

    @ScarletWoman: That makes sense that the Drapers paid for it, since Simpler is on the board of their little NewsCorp establishment. Did you know Simpler is on the board of BB as well?

  13. SussexWatcher says:

    Simpler should be concerned. I have a bad gut feeling about this primary. I think Valenzuela’s going to win it. She has all the wingnuts lined up, and has a real base in Sussex – which essentially is the GOP primary these days. Simpler’s support is more lukewarm. She also has a host of other like-minded wackos on the ballot – Christopher, Green, Smink. Their supporters are motivated to come out and will press the button for Sher as well. Simpler has no allies in other big races. And it’s clear that this last-minute filing was no last-minute decision. She’s had her organization primed & ready to go for a while. Energy, passion and momentum are on her side. Sanity, maturity and experience aren’t enough to win it for Simpler, I’m afraid.

  14. anono says:

    There was a straw poll in Sussex. Simpler won it easily, as did the Sheriff and the other ‘wackos,’ seeming to indicate that the ‘wackos’ support Simpler, too. WGMD exposed Sher as the person who banned the media from the debate, and no one called in to defend her. WGMD is the preferred radio station of the ‘wackos.’ She skipped the debate in Dover. There is no evidence that Sher has “all the wingnuts lined up” or that “energy, passion and momentum” are on her side. No evidence at all.

    As far as the mailer goes, after Christine O’Donnell, no sane Republican candidate will ever ignore a ‘wacko’ primary opponent or fail to go negative in a primary. That lesson has been learned. The ‘establishment’ plays to win now.